Banda MS overflows at the close of Vive Latino – The Sun Post

Although they did not have the privilege of being on the main stage, Banda MS more than fulfilled their debut at Vive Latino, which ended after 1 a.m. this Monday, with a total of 160,000 attendees over the two days of the event. its 2022 edition.

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The Claro Música stage was insufficient to accommodate all the followers of the group led by Sergio Lizarraga, who, for the most part, from the presentation of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, were pushed by the crowd towards the place, where the presentation was already beginning.

In the corridors, some were already beginning to sing the song “Ojos cerrados”, as if they wanted to warm up their oral cords to be ready when they got to where the band was. Some aborted the mission, seeing how difficult it was to move through the crowd, while others took advantage of the path opened by the beer vendors, sneaking behind them and getting a little closer.

On stage, the group continued with its repertoire, made up of hits such as “Háblame de ti”, “Mi mayor anhelo”, “el sinaloense”, “Piénsalo”, “El color de tus ojos” and “La maldición”. The show lasted just under two hours, but it was enough for them to impose themselves on the other headliners (Groove Armada and Pixies), who did not achieve the same convening power.

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“Thank you very much, family. Thank you for receiving the MS Band, may God bless you always, Vive Latino,” said the vocalist before saying goodbye. Little by little, people began to leave, but still with emotion on the surface, and there were even those who sang the chorus of “Cielito Lindo” while they went to the exit.


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