Barack Obama reveals his favorite songs of 2022

barack obama has rhythm in his skin and it’s his playlist that shows it. Indeed, the former President of the United States has unveiled the list of his favorite songs for the year 2022 and we can say that the politician is rather up to date, and above all that he has an ear everywhere. . Rap, Latin, R’n’B, many genres are present in the very eclectic ranking of Barack Obama.

An essential fan of American rapper Kendrick Lamar, the latter is in first place with his title “The Heat Part 5”. Spanish rising star “Saoko” Rosalia can boast of appearing in the playlist of the former President. “Titi me pregunto”, another piece from the Latin/reggaeton register interpreted by Bad Bunny, also appears in the ranking. Omar Apollo, appointed to Grammy Awards in the category of revelation of the year is also in the small papers of Barack Obama, just like Ethel and her title “American Teenager”, an American singer who seems to have seduced the father of the family with her committed lyrics.

Other essential stars have also found their place in Barack Obama’s top 25. As Beyonce, very great friend of the family, and her title “Break my soul” from her latest album or “About Damn Time” by Lizzo. Always in search of discovery, after revealing his list, the husband of Michelle Obama asked his subscribers for new musical recommendations in order to add new talents to his daily playlist. A ranking which advocates eclecticism and which definitively places Barack Obama at the table of the coolest presidents in history.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.