Bárbara Cayo defends Alessia Rovegno critics: “Magaly is a factor of destruction” (VIDEO) | entertainment-celebs-peru-miss universe 2022 | SHOWS

Peruvian actress Bárbara Cayo came out in defense of her daughter Alessia Rovegno after being criticized by the show host Magaly Medina.

WATCH THIS: Bárbara Cayo and her reaction after Magaly’s criticism of Alessia Rovegno: “Stop nonsense” (VIDEO)

In an interview for “Amor y Fuego”, the mother of Miss Peru once again spoke out against the negative comments our representative received in the international beauty pageant.

“I am very proud to be his mother. Let’s not encourage destruction, let’s encourage construction, good vibes, support. We lack that and, unfortunately, Mrs. Magaly Medina is a factor of destruction, ”she said.

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Likewise, the eldest of the Cayo sisters pointed out that the perceptions of the popular “Urraca” should not be taken into account. “They should not accommodate it in any media. But, well, it is her work, that’s what she lives on, she will be left without a job, she will starve, what a pity,” she mentioned.

Magaly Medina denies bullying Alessia Rovegno: “How easy to blame the rest of our blunders”

The opinions of the TV presenter did not go down well with Jessica Newton and she spoke through social networks: “Rebel against bullying. Never let anyone limit your dreams.”, reads the publication along with a video of the popular ‘Urraca’ giving her opinion on the choice of Bárbara Cayo’s daughter in Miss Peru.

The response of the host of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ did not wait and through her official Instagram account she uploaded a photo of the note made by El Popular. In the same story, Medina wrote: “Since when is opining on a fact of public interest bullying? How easy to blame the rest of our blunders. Ha!“.