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Bárbara Cayo again spoke out against Magaly Medina, Alessia Rovegno’s mother referred to the host to make fun of her television program and her work as a show host. These confrontations began when the journalist sarcastically reported on her networks the elimination of the Peruvian representative from Miss Universe.

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How ugly to have that job, but that’s what he lives on, if he runs out of work he will starve”, expressed Barbara Cayo. In addition, he added that the comments of the popular “Urraca” towards her daughter did not contribute “the good vibes” that are needed in this type of contest.

Stephanie Cayo’s sister said that Medina was not the one to comment on beauty and intelligence. “Smart people build, not destroy. She can’t talk about real beauty, and she doesn’t strike me as smart.“, held.

Likewise, Bárbara Cayo said that the journalist’s program, ‘Magaly TV La Firme’, is made to bring out the worst in a person and publicly destroy them.

Magaly Medina is a factor of destruction, they should not give her a screen in any media”, the actress referred to a reporter from ‘Amor y Fuego’.