Barbara Coppel, ex-girlfriend of Montserrat Oliver, published photos of her son Kilian in a wheelchair after falling down the stairs | Famous

Together they are the parents of three children: their eldest daughter Amaïa, six years old; Bastien, 4 years old, and Kilian, who turned 3 in February 2022.

Coppel’s family photos constantly captivate her Instagram followers. However, in the most recent publication of his Christmas celebration, it rather caused alarm among his fans.

Barbara Coppel published photos of her son Kilian in a wheelchair: what happened to him?

As in many of her publications of her family moments, the socialite shared a gallery of several photos with her Christmas captures.

A tender family pose in front of the tree and a loving hug between her and her husband starred in the first two photographs.

However, the third image revealed that his youngest son Kilian suffered an accident, since he poses sitting in a wheelchair and with his left leg in a cast.

In the sixth photo, Barbara shared a shot focused solely on her 3-year-old boy, who looks very entertained with a blue board.

In the final image of her gallery, her baby also appears with his little leg in a cast, sitting on the floor next to his brother Bastien.

At first, Barbara did not give many details about the mishap her son suffered. She only commented in the ‘caption’ of her post that she broke her leg, but that she was going to be fine.

“Our best wishes always. We, a Christmas between moving and broken leg, but with the spirits up. Kilian is going to be fine and let the memories begin,” she wrote.

However, after the concern of his followers, in his Instagram stories he shared what his accident consisted of.

“He fell on the stairs, fractured and broke his tibia. In a couple of weeks, maybe, I’ll be back to normal,” she wrote over a photo of her little girl in her wheelchair.

The socialite also posted a short video of her son gently tapping his cast. “Don’t hit yourself, my love,” Coppel comments; to which Kilian replies “It hurts.”

“My life I love you. You are almost cured ”Barbara answers in her effort to give words of encouragement to her son.

Likewise, his Instagram followers dedicated warm words to his son so that he has a speedy recovery.

“Prince, I will pray for you to heal soon”; “Oops, kid. Quick improvement”; “Blessings for your beautiful family and that your baby recovers soon”; “Kilian, cheer up and get well soon”; “Kisses to that little one and wishing him an excellent recovery” were some of the messages they wrote to Kilian.

And you, did you know the children of Barbara Coppel? Have you suffered an accident like Kilian’s?