Bárbara de Regil in controversy for offending the LGBT+ community

Tremendous scandal in which once again is the famous and attractive actressBárbara De Regil, because she attacked the members of the community LGBTIQby stating that they are people without interesting topics of conversation, something that straight people do have the ability to offer.

The star from “Rosario Scissors”, Barbara DeRegil, wrote a message on his Twitter account in which he asserted that, with the men of this community, one can only talk about dredgespop music and transvestiteswhich caused anger and indignation of several of the Internet users, to the point that the famous one deleted her tweet.

And it is that, the too influencers and seller of proteinspointed out that heterosexual people were better company than gays, well, they do have topics of conversation, since they dominate topics such as astronomy, politics or art. Hence, many expressed their disagreement.

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Bárbara de Regil in controversy for offending the LGBT+ community

Bárbara de Regil in controversy for offending the LGBT+ community Photo: Twitter

With gays you can only talk about dredges, transvestites and pop singers. With straight people you can talk about art, music, social sciences, politics, astronomy, medicine, etc. Much better company for heterosexuals”, Bárbara De Regil tweeted.

It is important to mention that some say that Barbara’s tweet was apparently never published on her official account, however, several detractors of the actress pointed out that she did publish it, but deleted it, seeing all the indignation it had caused, especially when She calls herself “an ally” of the rainbow community.

Given the magnitude of the words used by the famous, many of her loyal followers began to wonder if it was really her who wrote the message, despite the fact that it was published on her official Twitter account, therefore, the television star she went out to scold those who criticized her.

Haters, bye no hair, but this is a message for reflection for everyone, you decided to attack me by calling me disgusting, for thinking that I wrote something that I did not write, “said Bárbara De Regil in her reaction and added:” One, I feel very on top of that, I already do this, I f***%&~, nothing affects me, nothing steals my peace”.

In her Instagram stories, Bárbara de Regil uploaded a video clarifying that she never wrote the message, that she is sorry for the press that has fallen for this “meme” or phoshopped image that they spread, because she insisted that she would not express something like that, well, he has many friends in the community. Meanwhile, on social networks, all kinds of comments were unleashed.

What happened @barbaraderegil why so cowardly? By the way, you are straight and you are not educated or literate, I don’t see you disseminating science articles either, only things from the “celebrity” environment, which is not something academic either, better keep quiet, so your stupidity and homophobia are not noticed, “he tweeted. a netizen.

Regarding the tweet published on January 18 at 6:59 p.m., the influencer insisted that she did not publish such a message and assured that it is a “meme” or photoshopped image. She said that she feels sorry, because many people fell and believed it, as if they were “sheep”.

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