Bárbara de Regil responds to rumors about Cabo

Bárbara de Regil breaks the silence before rumors about her performance in Cabo. Instagram Special

This is not the first time that Bárbara de Regil has been involved in gossip due to her attitude towards others, and a few days ago strong comments from the Staff of the Cape soap operawhich the journalist Luis Magaña announced.

I had to do a special participation in a program, and it was in the same place and with the same staff that worked on ‘Cabo’, because the soap opera was finished, so it was my turn in that forum and I was very impressed because I said ‘how did it go?’, I’ve known them all my life, and all of them saying ‘what a headache, what a nasty woman, so rude

According to the journalist, she ended up badly in several areas, she even had to break a bagel by herself,

It ended badly with costumes, with audio, with make-up, with hairstyles, with the set design, with the lighting, that is, in the end, so that you understand me, she took a bagel and ended up breaking it alone, about five people approached with her, because everyone hallucinated her

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Bárbara de Regil responds to these rumors in networks

It was just yesterday when Bárbara de Regil decided to make a question dynamics with his followers, in which obviously one related to Cabo could not be missing, “Is it true that they got angry with you in ‘Cabo’?”, to which he immediately replied:

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Well, I do not know. Gossip is always there (GOSSIP). But… It depends who told the story. I am not a gold coin and I am always myself. I don’t like to look good with anyone who doesn’t vibrate me

He even gave examples of why these rumors might have arisen, “And it’s also important to note that not all of us fit together (not everyone exercises, not everyone takes acting so seriously, not everyone uses drugs- I don’t use) but they are examples, well , you end up getting together with someone who does have things in common”

In addition to answering this way, Bárbara de Regil also revealed that she made great friends, one of them is the actress Maria Chaconwith whom he has shared different photos, both at work and at parties, it is clear that they get along very well.

So far none of the actors He has spoken on the subject, but we hope that this has some gossip, otherwise it will be his first and last soap opera. The good thing about this project is that the public loved it.

Bárbara de Regil breaks the silence before rumors about her performance in Cabo. Instagram Special

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