Bárbara Islas hopes for a miracle to save her mom: “She needs an operation”

Bárbara Islas is going through a very difficult time, because her mom, Barbara Ganime, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in early 2021, and at the end of that year, the 62-year-old woman contracted COVID-19. This situation aggravated the disease, because due to the consequences of the coronavirus, she will now have to undergo a lung operation, the actress told us exclusively, who fully trusts that her “wonder woman” – as she calls her – will come out of this difficult situation. .

After the villain you played in Contigo Sí, what’s next for you? I was working with an important brand and I also did a casting with Nicandro Díaz; In fact, I already had a call back (second call) to be the antagonist of his new project, and I would love to. Thank God I have had a lot of work in these two years that have been very hard due to the pandemic, I am very grateful for everything, but now I am waiting for the big project to arrive, for the first time I am going to choose a great character like Samanta Vega .

How are you in love? Are you marrying us now? No, in the telenovela (Contigo Sí) I got married twice and it didn’t work out, and now I want to focus on my career and on being with my mother who is very ill; first I want to be okay with myself so that later I can be okay with someone else, I want my mom to be cured and for her to be okay.

What exactly does your mommy have? They detected ovarian cancer and it got very complicated; he was doing very well with the oncological process, but he got COVID-19, and this disease came to devastate. Now my mom needs a lung operation, and she couldn’t continue with chemotherapies, until she recovers from the consequences of the coronavirus.

How have you lived this hard process with her? It has been very difficult. In fact, in Contigo Sí, my mother – who played Carina Ricco – also had cancer and died in the telenovela, so separating fiction from reality was very complicated for me. There is no doubt that suddenly there are characters that come into your life to teach you, and for me it was a total catharsis.

When was the cancer diagnosed? At the beginning of last year, and at the end he got COVID-19. We believe that it was infected, precisely, by going to her chemo, but what do we do to it? Finally, we are all exposed to the bug and we cannot stop living either, least of all her, who had to go out for her treatment.

When is lung surgery scheduled? We still don’t know the exact date, what happens is that we were postponing it because first we wanted to see all the medical options, and apparently there is no other way, she will have to have surgery in the coming months.

What will the operation consist of? The doctors explained to us that the bacteria she has is called Aspergillus, it spreads very quickly and she has it in her lung. So, what they’re going to do is remove a part of the lung and suck out all that’s left of that bacteria, because it’s very harmful and can spread throughout the body.

After this delicate intervention, what’s next? They have to do studies again to see how the cancer is doing and to be able to start chemotherapies again. The sad thing is that he was very advanced with his treatment, the cancer cells had dropped a lot, but a long time has passed and we are afraid of how he is going to show up in the new tests. Although she is a very positive woman, it is not easy to know that she is going to have a lung operation and everything that comes from it, and we, her family, also had a very bad time; it’s horrible, but we hope that everything comes out afloat.