Barbara Meier is looking forward to her second baby

Mission Baby, part 2. Barbara Meier will be a mother again in autumn. She celebrates as a movie star.

offspring. “We are incredibly happy that we will soon have a second baby that will enrich our lives so infinitely every day and shake it up even more!” Announced with a funny film poster “Expecting A Baby – Part II” in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie Barbara Meier (35) her second pregnancy: In autumn she makes her husband, real estate tycoon Klemens Hallmann (46), a mother again.

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siblings. Little Marie-Therese (22 months) has a sibling. “Compared to two years ago, my everyday life has changed a lot. But we don’t want to miss a second of it!” Meier lets 171,000 Instagram followers know.

connectedness. The birth of her daughter and especially her first sounds made Meier’s happiness hormones rise. “I knew then: There was a new person in my life. Forever. I immediately felt this deep bond between mum and baby.”
desired child. And so it quickly became clear that Marie-Therese should not remain an only child: “We are really lucky and wanted two or three children from the start.”