Barbara Meier: “Marriage is just work”

At Barbara Meier (35) there is just another big change. The former GNTM winner is already expecting her second baby. After the desired child Marie-Therese (2) saw the light of day in the summer of 2020, the model and her husband Klemens Hallmann (46) are preparing for the new baby happiness. In the fall, their daughter is to have a new sibling. But two children also require double the attention of the parents. In an interview with the “GALA” TV magazine, the 35-year-old has now revealed how she wants to master the balancing act between being a mom and being a wife.

Barbara Meier is also very proud of the new baby ball. In the video above, we show you how film-like she puts her tummy in the limelight.

Barbara Meier: “We will do a lot to ensure that the marriage is not lost now”

The pregnant millionaire’s wife knows that certain things in life are not given to you despite financial security. “Marriage is just work,” said the red-haired actress in an interview. “We will do a lot to ensure that the marriage is not lost now.” And Barbara already values ​​”that we are not just mom and dad, but that we can also do something as a married couple from time to time.”

The 46-year-old entrepreneur in particular likes to get creative to consolidate the love of the two. On his wedding day, he surprised his sweetheart with a scavenger hunt. This ended in a romantic serenade performed by the tenor who had sung at Barbara and Klemens’ wedding. “I almost started crying,” Barbara recalls of her husband’s romantic gift.

Barbara in the early happiness of the baby: This is how the preparations are going

The couple is still silent about the gender and the exact date of birth. However, Barbara is already realizing that everything will be a little different this time. “The first pregnancy I had nothing at all,” she recalls looking back. “This time I feel a bit strange in the evening.”

Daughter Marie-Therese is also beginning to understand that she will soon have a sibling. “We still had an old baby seat, so she came to me and pointed to my stomach, there’s a baby in there now,” reports the prospective mother of two, who had already given her daughter a baby doll to practice with. By the time baby number two sees the light of day, the child and husband should have prepared well for the new situation.