Bárbara Mori looks radiant at 44 and thus shows off her natural face – Nueva Mujer

Barbara Mori has shown that life is happier and easier when we get rid of the filters and the vanities that usually appear on social networks, as well as beauty stereotypes taxes in the company on the women.

Although to many women they do not like to appear with their face free of makeup because they feel insecure before the other people’s opinions, to the protagonist of Ruby he cares very little what they say.

to their 44 years, The well-known soap opera villain captivates her followers and proves that not even the passing of the years detracts from her beauty.

Barbara Mori and her makeup-free photos

To Uruguayan that he has won the hearts of the Mexicans, only his green eyes and his smile to steal all eyes.

Through your account at instagram He usually shows his followers some of his family moments or with his partner, while he enjoys his free time on walks to the beach or recreational walks.

Unlike other actresses who usually appear to the nines on their networks, she has given humbling lessons by showing her face as it is, in addition to wearing relaxed looks with baggy clothes

Barbara He is one of those people who radiate peace and tranquility in his path. In addition, she is one of the grandmothers of the show more young and fun because from time to time he appears with his granddaughter milawho is the result of the controversial relationship of his son Sergio Mayer Mori with the model Natalia Subtil.

Mori began on screens from a very young age, which is why he has stood out in different series, movies and soap operas What the negotiator (2021) and two moonsas well as in the famous soap opera Ruby (2004), You are my problem (2021), everything visible (2020), cantinflas (2014) and Thirty-something, single and fantastic (2016), among other.