Barbara Schöneberger: “I want to look like Sylvie Meis”

Barbara Schöneberger (48) is one of the most popular and attractive presenters on German television. Long blond hair, big blue eyes and a great female body are her visual trademarks. Surely there are many women who envy the TV star for this look.

But Barbara Schöneberger sometimes has doubts about herself. In her podcast “With the waffles of a woman” she now reveals that she would actually like to look like her television colleague Sylvie Meis (43).

In the video above you can find out which dress Barbara Schöneberger wears as a lucky charm on important occasions.

Barbara Schöneberger envies Sylvie Meis for her body

For the current episode of the weekly talk series on her own radio station Barba Radio, Barbara Schöneberger has invited none other than entertainer Elton (51). Among other things, she discusses with him that there is enormous pressure in show business to look perfect.

According to Barbara Schöneberger, one person who fulfills this requirement of a flawless appearance is fellow moderator Sylvie Meis. “When you look at her, of course, you immediately think, how is she doing? Why don’t I look like that?”, says the TV star. Others would then certainly tell her that she shouldn’t think such things, but had to love herself as she is. “But no, I want to look like Sylvie Meis, I want to be like me, but I want to look like her,” she makes clear. She is particularly jealous of her beautiful legs. “If I had legs like that, I would always leave the house without pants,” jokes the mother of two.

Barbara Schöneberger trains three times a week with her personal trainer

But Barbara Schöneberger certainly has no reason to wish for another body. Because she always knows how to skilfully stage her dream curves. Most recently, despite a sound breakdown at the beginning, she beamed on her debut as a presenter of the show “Do you understand fun?” in a blue glitter onesie.

But behind her great look is hard work. The 48-year-old trains three times a week with a personal trainer. And she takes it hard. “Jump around for an hour, on the trampoline, with the hula hoop. Terrible. I force myself to do it,” Barbara Schöneberger recently said in an interview with the Berliner Morgenpost. “I’m prouder of that than any other job I’ve ever done,” said the native of Munich.