Barbara Schöneberger talks about the funniest job: “I was disguised as a cell phone”

Barbara Schöneberger (48) celebrated her premiere as a “Understand fun” presenter at the beginning of April. In the run-up to the second edition of the show, the moderator answered questions from Sandra Maischberger (55) on Wednesday evening and said that her start in professional life was not always easy.

Her mother gave her the most important piece of advice not to make herself dependent on a man: “I think it’s my greatest strength that I’ve been independent all my life,” said Schöneberger. She earned her own money early on in order to fulfill certain wishes: “I wanted to have the jeans I wanted and they cost 129 marks and I had to earn them together, but I managed that too!” She said presenter proud.

Puffed sleeves, wavy mane & vocal interlude: In the video above we show how Barbara Schöneberger rocks the stage.

Presenter Barbara Schöneberger was dressed as Columbus at a trade fair

When Maischberger asked what her funniest job had been, Schöneberger replied: “I was disguised as a mobile phone and handed out notes!” At the time, in her early 20s, she was dressed up as “everything possible”, at a fair where she worked, even as a man, she recalled: “I walked around as Christopher Columbus and said: ‘Christopher Columbus discovered America, but we’re discovering new markets for you’. And it was about basement renovation products!”

At the time, she vowed never again to take a job where she couldn’t wear her own clothes. She can do that now, even if she keeps asking people who is forcing her into her outfits, according to the moderator. In her second “Do you understand fun?” show (Saturday, June 25th, 8:15 p.m., Das Erste), she slipped back into disguise, she revealed. Schöneberger welcomes Frank Elstner (80), Elyas M’Barek (40), Andrea Sawatzki (59), Christian Berkel (64), Roland Trettl (50), Nic Shanker (40), Marco Gianni (24) and Chris de Burgh (73).