Bárbara Torres, Excelsa of La Familia P. Luche, will celebrate her XV years party | Famous

Since her 15th birthday is not celebrated in her native Argentina, as is the case in Mexico (the country where she has lived since 2002), Bárbara does not want to “stay with the desire” to have her traditional party.

“I didn’t have a party, I was always kind of weird and rebellious, so instead of a XV party with a dress, I had a nightclub party, and when I arrived in Mexico I said: ‘this is divine!’, so here we go with the party with everything ”, commented the actress before reporters from various media.

More than 300 people are invited to the XV years party, among them great celebrities who are close friends of Bárbara and who will be, as tradition dictates, godfathers of luxury.

“We have sponsors, there are about five who are going to go on stage, but then there are a lot of people who have collaborated, super cool. The crown godmother, the shoe godfather, the dress godfather, the food godfathers, ”she detailed.

Bárbara assured that in her event, which will be held in a famous hall in Mexico City, “nothing will be missing from a XV-year party”, so there will even be “drunk godfather”.

“The banquet is: empanadas, chorizo, chistorra, and then it’s meat with fries, and the eight-tier cake,” he said of the food his guests will enjoy.

Who will be the chamberlains of Bárbara Torres at her XV years party?

For a few days, Bárbara Torres has been fine-tuning all the details of her XV-year party, including the waltz that she will dance with her chamberlains, with whom she performed one of the last rehearsals yesterday.

“Like chamberlains [están]: ‘Albertano’, Carlos Espejel, Salvador Zerboni, Johan Rodríguez and Pedro Prieto”, the protagonist of the series ‘Lorenza’ told TVNotas.

The great absentee in the celebration will be Eugenio Derbez, who gave Barbara one of her first job opportunities, since she will be working.

For their part, Raquel Garza, Lorena de la Garza and Mariana Echeverría will be the ladies of Bárbara, who has not disclosed what her XV-year dress will be like, made by Rafael Couture.

“I tried on so many dresses, I loved them all; I felt like a princess, I went back to that age, to that illusion of fifteen… I was more excited than when I tried on my wedding dress! ”, She recounted.

Bárbara Torres wants to celebrate life

Although celebrating a XV-year party at 51 is not something common, Bárbara Torres announced that doing so is her way of fulfilling a great dream and also being grateful for life.

“Fairly; With everything that we have been through in the world, I realized that life is short… right now we are here and tomorrow, literally, not anymore. I want my guests to have fun for a while, let there be joy, ”she told the Mexican publication.