“Bares for Rares” dealer receives a package – what’s inside is shocking

“Bares for Rares”: Retailer gets DHL package – when she sees the content, she can hardly believe her eyes

Cash for Rares: These are the dealers

Cash for Rares: These are the dealers

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Who passionate viewer of “Cash for Raresis, he will know her. Susanne Steiger has been an integral part of the ZDF show “Cash for Rares“. There she works as a jewelry and antiques dealer, is actually a jeweler.

Now the “Cash for Rares” star shared a short anecdote online with viewers. Because Susanne Steiger once received a parcel from DHL. The content remains in her memory to this day.

“Bares for Rares”: retailer receives a DHL package – the content shocks her

On the Instagram page of the junk show, the jewelry lover tells about her “biggest” piece of jewelry.


Information about “Cash for Rares“:

  • “Bares for Rares” is a junk show
  • It has been running on ZDF since 2013
  • Moderator is Horst Lichter
  • At “Bares for Rares” there is a fixed pool of traders and experts
  • The candidates can sell their rarities on TV
  • The program can be called up at any time in the ZDF media library


“Bares for Rares” team: “Incredible to send something like this by post…”

“It was an Art Deco brooch and there was a really cool story about it,” reveals the “Bares for Rares” dealer. “And the customer emailed me a photo of her brooch and I said, ‘Yeah, send it on.’ It was a very small thing in the photo here too. And then at some point a package arrived, without a sender, without a letter. And it was a huge Art Deco brooch with a lot of diamonds, really expensive. And I had no address.”

However, she suddenly remembered that she had an email address and remembered the woman on the phone. Susanne Steiger “was then able to locate her, thank God, and then happily tell her that it is a very, very valuable brooch that she had just sent with DHL.” Her customer was of course very happy about it Info, even if it was a high risk to just send them in the package.

The “Bares for Rares” team is also stunned and writes on Instagram: “Incredible to send something like this by post …”


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