Barranquilla clinic gives details

The native artist from San Jacinto (Bolívar) suffered an accident, near Calamar, when he was going to Barranquilla.

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Although his injuries did not appear serious at first, Pacheco’s health deteriorated and He ended up admitted to intensive care at the General Clinic of the North (in the capital of Atlántico) under a reserved prognosis.

After several days, this Saturday, January 28, the death of the 82-year-old idol was confirmed, who suffered severe head trauma, closed chest trauma, cervical spine injury, and polytrauma.

Cause of death of Adolfo Pacheco, idol of vallenato

In a statement, the clinic said that The artist’s death was “the product of severe polytrauma”as read below:

The journalist Juan Carlos Díaz Martínez, who is close to the Pacheco family, assured in El Tiempo that the minstrel had three cardiorespiratory arrests at dawn and then died.

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The composer’s death mourns the world of Vallenato music and the department of Bolívarwhere a year ago (in December 2021) they paid tribute to him during the Multicultural Festival of Montes de María.