‘Batgirl’ makers reveal a photo of their canceled movie

The film’s co-director, Adil El Arbi, posted a snapshot on Instagram on Friday showing him on the set of the film with Leslie Grace (Batgirl) and Michael Keaton (Batman).

The film Batgirl, whose release was canceled last week, is revealed despite everything on the Instagram account of its co-director Adil El Arbi. The filmmaker published a snapshot on Friday showing him on the set of the film with Leslie Grace (Batgirl) and Michael Keaton (Batman).

This is one of the few publicly released shots of this film originally designed for streaming to attract subscribers on the HBO Max platform. Batgirl was the spearhead of a strategy aimed at bringing the DC universe to television (several series derived from The Batman are planned).

Directed by the duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Badboys 3, Ms.Marvel), Batgirl was almost finished. The project was to be broadcast later this year on the HBO Max platform.

The decision to cancel the release of Batgirl is linked to a change in strategy at WarnerBros.: the former CEO of WarnerMedia, Jason Kilar, has been replaced by David Zaslav, who wants to concentrate the studio’s activities in cinemas. Another film – also almost finished – was a collateral victim of this new regime: the cartoon Scoob!: Holiday Haunta sequence of Scoob! (2020).

“Sad and amazed”

Highly anticipated by DC Comics fans, Batgirl should direct for the first time in a film live-action the adventures of the famous superheroine. Comedian Leslie Grace was cast in the role, and stars JK Simmons (Gordon), Brendan Fraser (villain Firefly) and Michael Keaton (Batman).

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah reacted with emotion to the announcement of the cancellation. “We are saddened and stunned by the news. We still can’t believe it,” they said. on Instagram. “As directors, it’s essential that our work be shown to the public, and even though the film was far from complete, we would have liked fans around the world to be able to see it and understand it.”

Source- https://www.bfmtv.com/people/cinema/les-realisateurs-de-batgirl-devoilent-une-photo-de-leur-film-annule_AN-202208060093.html