Batman arrives in the Aztec era – El Sol de México

After the success of the “Batman” movie, Gotham City’s vigilante returns in an animated film, titled “Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires.”“, as announced within the framework of the International Film Festival in Guadalajara.

Marcelo Tamburri, Vice President of Content Development at Warner Media Latin America, He explained that this idea is due to his desire to show stories that represent all the cultures of the world.

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“We have a very clear north in regards to working with diversity and inclusion, we have demonstrated with facts,” he said. “There are a lot (of series) where we try to make sure that the entire audience is represented. Having a Batman with Mexican roots is a sign of diversity and inclusion.”

According to preliminary data released by the platform, the film will follow a young aztec who uses the temple of Tzinacan, the god murCiélago, as a lair to face the Spanish invasion and avenge the death of his father.

“It will be incredible to see an Aztec Batman defend the Mesoamerican peoples, I also imagine him eating a suadero taco,” added Tamburri.

The project will beMexican director Juan Meza León’s argo from “Rick and Morty” and “Final space”, who stressed that the team is made up of talent from Mexico and Spain, and will present an original vision of the well-known vigilante.

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“We tell the origin of an Aztec Batman by fusing a narrative of conquest with fictional characters from Gotham City. It will open the doors enormously for the Mexican animation industry and Spanish-speaking artistic talent,” he concluded.