Battle of the reality stars: Jan Leyk against RTL2 – “New low point”

Battle of the reality stars: Jan Leyk shoots against RTL2 – “A new low point”

05/12/2022 at 07:23

Jungle camp: The winners and what they are doing today

Jungle camp: The winners and what they are doing today

The RTL reality show “I’m a star – get me out of here!” is very popular. There are already 14 seasons of the so-called “jungle camp”. From them 14 jungle queens and jungle kings emerged. We introduce you to the most famous winners of all seasons and reveal what became of them.

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We waited a long time for the first big excitement of the new “Battle of the reality stars“Waited season, now he’s finally here. On Wednesday evening (May 11, 2022) there was a showdown between Badboy Jan Leik and almost the entire rest of the RTL2 Starstrand troupe.

What happened? Actually did Jan Leik only what he does best: conduct. This is how the “Battle of the reality stars“-Participants keep their colleagues from securing ex-starlet Nina Kristin in a so-called safety game before the upcoming selection.

“Battle of the reality stars”: Jan Leyk clears up the twin gate

A noble goal. If it weren’t for the Twins, who would also like to be protected from being selected and thus tried to win the game on their own. It happened the way it had to. Leyk, offended that his self-imposed leading role was not taken seriously, railed against the Jakic twins. The tall, bearded, tattooed badboy versus the little girls. This couldn’t go well.

And so it happened that Leyk messed it up with almost the entire troupe and was thrown out of the show. If the matter was over for his colleagues, the former “Berlin – Day and Night” actor probably still had to nibble a little on the story and reported to Instagram on Thursday night.

“Regardless of the fact that such formats are certainly not intended to reach the spearhead of intelligence, it is still frightening how much our society reveals itself in this entertainment show,” says Leyk. Selflessness and honesty are no longer worth anything, says the 37-year-old.

“Battle of the reality stars”: Jan Leyk clearly – “A new low point in terms of intelligence refusal”

Well, that worked quite differently on the show. But Leyk had an explanation for that too. After all, you didn’t see everything that really happened. So the Twins would have had the opportunity to participate in the decision, but this was not shown on the show.


This is the RTL2 show “Battle of the reality stars“:

  • “Kampf der Realitystars” is broadcast on RTL2 and sends celebrities to a dream beach in Thailand
  • The participants compete for airtime, 50,000 euros in prize money and the title of “Reality Star of the Year”
  • The show will be moderated by Cathy Hummels


It was also difficult for Leyk that the subject of depression was not discussed at all. And that despite the fact that there was a “really emotional moment in this regard” that “could have given strength and confidence” to those affected. Background: Jan Leyk suffers from fears himself and is openly committed to education.

Above all, it bothers him that the past episode put him in a bad light. “To accuse someone of a lack of self-reflection who has been openly dealing with fears, worries and problems for years, who has never made a secret of having to seek external help and who has self-critically embarked on an extremely difficult path, that is a new low point even for you in terms of intellectual refusal.”


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