“Bauer sucht Frau”-Iris Abel: The decision speaks volumes!

Iris Abel, 53, is very popular with the fans, and the “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate also has many fans on Instagram. The decision that she has now made is all the more surprising.

  • Uwe and Iris Abel are among the best-known and most popular “Bauer sucht Frau” couples
  • After the two had withdrawn for a while, Iris Abel has been back regularly on the Internet for some time
  • But one detail now raises questions

“Farmer is looking for a woman” couple Uwe and Iris Abel: How have you been in the last few months?

The last few weeks and months have probably not always been easy for Uwe and Iris Abel. The 55-year-old celebrated his TV comeback on “Celebrity Big Brother” last summer, but his participation went differently than expected. The sensitive “Bauer sucht Frau” star had to put up with criticism not only from his show colleagues, but also from many viewers. For wife Iris, who could only watch the whole thing in front of the TV, one difficult Situation. Again and again she spoke up on the net to protect her loved one.

In the end, Uwe Abel fought for one great second place But it didn’t get any quieter after the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale – on the contrary: a few weeks later, the “Bauer sucht Frau” couple had to endure a nasty blasphemy attack from Désirée Nick and Danni Büchner – and that didn’t stay without consequences. Iris Abel and her husband quickly took legal action, and then the two disappeared from social networks for a while.

Iris Abel makes a surprising decision

For a few weeks now, Iris Abel has finally been showing up regularly on the internet again. Most recently, she shared her feelings and thoughts about the war in Ukraine with her followers and explained that she also wanted to help with a fundraiser. However, what stands out with all of her new Instagram posts: The 53-year-old has always limited the comment function, which means that only certain users or followers are allowed to comment.

What is this decision all about? It would be conceivable that the cult “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate simply Do not feel like more has to deal with negative comments or even insults from time to time. However, whether this is actually the reason for this radical step can only be speculated at the moment.

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