BBC podcaster Deborah James: Kate & William also donate to their fund

BBC podcaster Deborah James (40) said goodbye to her fans a few days ago with an emotional Instagram post. After five years of colon cancer, she is considered terminally ill and must now prepare for her farewell to earthly life. But her personal mission of helping people with cancer and encouraging them should continue after her death. She therefore has a special last wish: donations for her cancer research fund. The sympathy for their difficult fate was huge. A sum in the millions was raised within a very short time. Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (40) have now heard about this campaign and also made a donation. They also addressed loving words to the terminally ill moderator.

For more on William and Kate’s donation and their emotional message to Deborah James, watch the video above.

BBC presenter Deborah James wants to die at her parents’ house

How much time Deborah James will have left is unclear. However, her body is already very powerless and weak. The Londoner has therefore already retired to her parents’ house southwest of the city. In her podcast she had previously said that this is the place where she wants to die. Last but not least, she would also think of her two children Hugo (14) and Eloise (12). She doesn’t want them to forever associate her London home with this sad event. To show them that they will always have her in their hearts even after her death, she and her husband have also prepared many memorabilia in the form of letters, birthday cards and photos.

For more on how the terminally ill Deborah James plans her final days, watch the video below.