BBC podcaster Deborah James: Queen Elizabeth II honors her with a title of nobility

A few days ago, BBC podcaster Deborah James (40) announced that her colon cancer can no longer be treated and that she is dying. The sympathy for their fate was huge. Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (40) were also moved and sent emotional words to the journalist and mother of two via Twitter.

Now Queen Elizabeth II (96) has responded with a very special honor: The monarch is “delighted” to award Deborah James the noble title of “lady” for her brave fight and her commitment to fighting cancer. The podcaster had raised millions in donations for cancer research in just a few days with her donation fund “Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK”.

Watch the video above for Debroah’s reaction to the honor.

Boris Johnson praises Deborah James for her outspoken fight against cancer

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (57) also paid tribute to the BBC journalist, according to “” and said: “If ever such an honor deserves it, it’s her.” Deborah is a great inspiration for many of those affected and her open handling of the disease is exemplary. He therefore “joyfully” agreed that Deborah James would be allowed to wear the title of “lady” in the future. He also hopes that this recognition from Her Majesty Deborah and her family will bring some comfort at this difficult time. “My thoughts are with them and I want Deborah to know that she enjoys the love and gratitude of the country.”

The British aristocratic title “Dame” is the equivalent of a knight for women and the counterpart to the male title “Sir”.

Terminally ill BBC podcaster is overwhelmed by the title of nobility

For Deborah James, being awarded the title of peerage came as a complete surprise. At “The Sun” she was really shocked: “Oh my God, that’s crazy!” She is quoted at “”. “I don’t know what to say. I’m blown away and incredibly honored.” She thanked everyone who is currently donating to her cancer fund, but has one wish: “I would like to get it to £5million by the end of the weekend.” Converted that would be 5.8 million euros.

For Deborah’s children, Eloise (12) and Hugo (14), honoring their mother is of great importance: “We are so, so proud of her.” Deborah’s husband Sebastien Bowen said he was touched by the support they are receiving. This is very uplifting and heartwarming for the family at this “extremely difficult time”. “She has fought tirelessly, often against adversity, and to be awarded a ‘damehood’ is something she never dreamed of but truly deserved.”

BBC journalist with cancer prepares to die at parents’ home

A few days ago, Deborah James said goodbye to her fans on Instagram and asked everyone to enjoy their own lives to the fullest. In a BBC interview, she added that after years of battling cancer, she has come to a point “where I know there is just nothing more that can be done.” That fact would help her make peace with her fate.

For her final days, she has decided to return to her childhood home in Woking, south-west of London. In this way, she can also relieve her two children and enable them to not always see the family home in London in connection with the death of their mother.