beating celebrities and brands by masked beatings (video)

‘Masterchef’ has in many moments some differences between the participants in the tests, an issue that is evident in cameras with the discussions that are presented.

Some of these situations have led some celebrities, as in the case of Isabella Santiago, to express their public annoyance in front of the juries of the celebrity cooking program.

However, Sebastián ‘Tatán’ Mejía showed an unexpected moment in which he and the judges of the contest were the target of blows, of which they also showed how they turned out.

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‘Masterchef’: beating celebrities and brands for masked blows

The athlete shared from his personal Instagram account how he and the jurors of the culinary program shared the ring with masked wrestling experts, with whom they simulated clashes in that discipline.

“Who was hit harder?” Asked the participant, who tagged the jurors of the contest, and then added about that situation: “What a lift they hit us.”

Claudia Bahamón, who was in charge of recording fragments of that dynamic, asked the jurors and Mejía to show the marks on her body and was surprised how beaten the results were.

This was the publication with which the motorcyclist presented that dynamic that the presenter from Huila recorded in which several of the program’s celebrities were beaten.