Beatrice Egli: Andreas Gabalier betrays her! “I trusted”

Beatrice Egli betrayed by Andreas Gabalier! “I trusted him!”

5/5/2022 at 10:55 p.m

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Between the hit stars Beatrice Egli and Andrew Gabalier there is a close friendship. But it now seems to be put to the test.

Poses in front of the camera Andrew Gabalier just the singer. That lets him Beatrice Egli not go through and threatens with severe consequences.

Beatrice Egli competes in the ARD quiz show against show colleague Andreas Gabalier

During a joint appearance on the ARD show “Ask the mouse,” Andreas lets his colleague run into the open knife in front of the public. But not only that! The 37-year-old even steps in and manipulates the Swiss.

As part of a music quiz, Beatrice and Andreas are supposed to put excerpts from the ESC hit “Satellite” in the right order. To do this, they must memorize the sounds of six different buttons on a jukebox and press them in the correct sequence. Not so easy for the two of them.

Andreas Gabalier influences Beatrice Egli in a perfidious way – “He kidded you”

After Beatrice Egli got the first three buttons right, she seemed insecure. Andreas Gabalier mimes the rescuer and makes her understand that she has to press the first button again. But behind it hides a nasty scam. Because: Andreas knows very well that number 3 would be the right answer.

“He made fun of you,” moderator Eckart von Hirschhausen bursts out giggling. The whole action seems to confuse the singer himself and so Beatrice gets another chance to win. But then Andreas resorts to even harder means.

When Beatrice is again in doubt about which button to choose, the “folk rock’n’roller” urges her to press the wrong button and even presses his hand on hers, so that the wrong answer is automatically logged in. Pretty sneaky! “Do you really want to win?” Beatrice confronts her good friend to date.


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Beatrice Egli is offended and makes an announcement to Andreas Gabalier: “Never again”

In the next move, Andreas Gabalier solves the puzzle and wins the round for himself and his team. Beatrice Egli is pissed off and even pushes Andreas off the stage. When she sits down with her teammates Horst Lichter and Jörg Pilawa a little later, she realizes the seriousness of the situation. “They screwed you,” explains her lights.

The lousy action leaves its mark. On the way back to the desk, Beatrice Egli teases: “I trusted him, but men from Austria are not allowed to do that.” And Andreas? He also celebrates the deception.

Now the Swiss have had enough! “I’ll never sing a Liad for you again,” she warbles at him, alluding to the Gabalier hit “I sing a Liad for you”. That should have been.

Deadly serious or just for fun? That will probably be the secret of the DSDS winner Beatrice Egli and Andreas Gabalier stay!

Comedian Mario Barth, on the other hand, is bitterly serious. He is now shooting at THIS pop singer.