Beatrice Egli on love & farewell: “Lost the ground under your feet”

Beatrice Egli talks about leaving the stage and love: “I lost the ground under my feet”

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On Friday, May 6th, was Beatrice Egli as a guest at the “Kölner Treff” on WDR. Among other things, it was about love.

While TV presenter Bettina Tietjen, who was also a guest on the show, chatted in a relaxed manner about the sewing box, she stayed Beatrice Egli rather overcast. But then the singer let herself be carried away to one or the other surprising statement.

Beatrice Egli talks about her childhood and her private life in the “Kölner Treff”.

In the WDR format “Kölner Treff” the audience experienced Beatrice Egli openly late on Friday evening – albeit hesitantly at first. In the program, which is now available in the WDR media library, the singer spoke with moderator Bettina Böttinger and the other guests, including Atze Schröder, on a wide variety of topics. Among other things, it is about her youth.

“You lived at home until you were 28,” says presenter Bettina Böttinger to Egli when it comes to boys’ stories. Nonsense, Egli directs his, she went to Hamburg at the age of 20 and experienced a lot there – for example got to know the neighborhood. But the singer prefers to leave it up to the audience’s imagination what that means exactly. So if you were hoping for information about your first boyfriend or something similar, look into the tube!

Pop singer Beatrice Egli suffered from body shaming for a long time: “You’re just too fat”

When asked about her album and “The Beatrice Egli Show”, she comes out a little more: “It feels good. Of course, the excitement remains. I think it’s a permanent condition that I know,” said the singer. However, the road to success was rocky and difficult. She is all the more pleased about the positive feedback she received after the first broadcast. “I’m enjoying the success and I’m grateful for it.”

When it came to the topic of body shaming, which Egli also addressed in her single “Ganz Egal”, the 33-year-old became emotional. She wrote the song because she could literally sing a song about it. She had her first negative experiences early on. “I had to feel very strongly when I was 18, [wie es ist,] when someone publicly criticizes your body and says: ‘You’re just too fat!’” In a casting show (it can only mean DSDS) she was reduced to her appearance. She was told she had to lose weight, was too white and had to go to the solarium.

Beatrice Egli wants more solidarity among women

Today the singer knows that she cannot change them, only her attitude. “The only thing I can change is that it never hits me again, that my life never has to suffer for it again. Or that I question my body, which is healthy.” Today she is proud of herself and has learned to love herself. But her journey of self-acceptance is not over yet: “Self-love remains a process”. However, her family has always taught her to be herself. That gave her a lot of strength.

Then it’s about hate on the internet. The presenter Bettina Böttinger finds mostly women. The internet is a place of misogyny. Egli sees it a little differently: In a way, women themselves are the problem, according to the singer: “I think women can be pretty tough on each other.” You can learn from men to support each other more.

Beatrice Egli on the Matterhorn adventure: “Otherwise you might not be alive anymore”

The singer also talks about her Matterhorn tour: “The pandemic came, I felt like I lost the ground under my feet – namely the stage floor, which of course was my life for almost a decade. My home.” Since her motto is not to focus on the impossible but to see what is possible, she devoted herself to her dream of climbing the Matterhorn. An incredible experience: “It’s about your life, otherwise you might not be alive anymore.” That puts things in a whole new perspective, says Egli. And further: “It’s all about the next step. That gave me so much for my life.”


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Before moving on to the next guest, Böttinger would like to know what Egli’s chain, which has a lock on it, is all about. She laughs embarrassed and waves it away. The unusual jewelry has nothing to do with a potential boyfriend, she lets on. This makes it clear: Beatrice Egli remains Beatrice Egli – and she prefers to keep some things to herself!

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