Beatrice Egli reveals her riskiest moments in life

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Beatrice Egli reveals her riskiest moments in life
Beatrice Egli reveals her riskiest moments in life © Spot on Mallorca

The Swiss pop singer Bearice Egli starts her new Instagram year with a look back at her riskiest moments of the past year.

Beatrice Egli (34) has had an exciting year: The evaluations of the Federal Association of the Music Industry have just revealed that Egli’s hit “Volles Risk” stormed the airplay charts in 2022. But the singer didn’t just get a first place. She also has some other great challenges and achievements to look back on. As she recounts in a recent Instagram story, she’s had three big moments recently where she took risks that eventually turned out to be rewarding.

Climbing the Matterhorn required a lot of physical exertion. The mountain is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. Beatrice Egli therefore had to train very intensively for a long time to get up. “It was definitely risky for me, and I grew beyond myself,” she admits in her clip. She took another risk by replacing a large part of her team. She says: “Changing my entire team, starting over, starting over again – that was definitely an extreme risk moment in my life.”

Beatrice Egli starts an exciting fan campaign

As far as the third element of risk is concerned, the blond Swiss woman is rather covered. She only reveals this much: “I think loving is also risking”. The fans would certainly have heard more on this topic, but they have to be content with a charming smile at this point. Not much is currently known about Beatrice Egli’s relationship status.

As for the risky actions in life, Beatrice Egli’s fans can now share their own inspirational Risky Moments too. For a fan campaign, the entire Egli community is invited until the end of January 2023 to share videos or pictures on the subject of “Full Risk” on social networks. “Let’s collect our ‘risk’ moments together and keep encouraging each other to be brave,” the singer wrote.