Beatrice Egli surprised: Andrea Berg fans will freak out

After her victory at DSDS Beatrice Egli blossomed into a popular pop singer. The 34-year-old is a regular guest on various TV shows and has had her own format since spring 2022.

“The Beatrice Egli Show” was broadcast for the first time in April and was able to convince the audience. A good reason to follow up with episode 2. Has now Beatrice Egli finally announced which guests their viewers can look forward to. Andrea Berg fans should freak out at this announcement, because the hit queen is also there.

Beatrice Egli reveals: These stars are part of their show

“I am very happy to be able to reveal the first guests for ‘The Beatrice Egli Show’ to you today,” says the singer on the Instagram channel. The excitement is great, after all, Beatrice Egli presented well with her show start.

A look at the guest list reveals: The spectators can look forward to real cult stars.

These artists are participating:

  • Andrea Berg
  • Maite Kelly
  • Sophia
  • The Höhner
  • Irene Sheer
  • Marie Rhyme
  • KUNZ

Beatrice Egli: The announcement of the show creates enthusiasm

The program will be broadcast on November 26 at 8:15 p.m. on SWR. Until then, the anticipation of the singer’s fans is already huge.

Beatrice Egli and Andrea Berg will soon be back on stage together. Photo: IMAGO / Future Image

Comments hailed under her Instagram post:

  • “It will definitely be another great evening”
  • “I’m so happy! It’s such a full risk.”
  • “I’m happy, Bea. And if Andrea Berg is there anyway”
  • “I just can not wait it”
  • “I’m really looking forward to it. Great guest list”

It remains to be seen which celebs will still appear on the show. After all, Beatrice Egli says that the current announcement only reveals part of the invited guests.

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