Because of Ukraine: Campino doubts conscientious objection

Berlin (AP) – In view of the Ukraine war, rock singer Campino (59, “Days like these”) currently has a feeling “as if the world is collapsing on us” – and is therefore putting old principles to the test.

For example, the question of military service: “I personally refused military service in 1983. I probably wouldn’t do that today, under these circumstances, if I got my draft now,” said the frontman of the band Die Toten Hosen im Interview by the German Press Agency in Berlin.

“Can’t afford to be completely defenseless”

“We’re just learning impressively why an identity as Europeans is so important and why we have to be a community of values,” said the musician whose real name is Andreas Frege, who is politically left-wing and a voter with the Greens. “Unfortunately, that also has something to do with rearmament. We can’t afford to be completely defenseless against despots, like Putin who lives out old fantasies of power. You can only stop a man like that if he also respects the opposite side.”

At the same time, this is “a dramatic tragedy, because all this money that we will spend on armaments in the future we could damn well use for our social system, daycare centers, schools, public infrastructure and last but not least the fight against climate change”. The singer admitted to being at a loss because of the world situation, but also emphasized: “We can all allow ourselves to be unsure, even the smartest people can’t give us a recipe for how to proceed at the moment.”