“Because they don’t know what’s going to happen”: Schöneberger surprises with a flirtatious mood

Thomas Gottschalk (right) was appointed moderator this time.  Next to him Barbara Schöneberger and Günther Jauch.  The use of the shipment-related material is only permitted with reference to and linking to ...

Barbara Schöneberger, Günther Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk had fun together again.Image: RTL/ Stefan Gregorowius


Charlotte Zinc

Snow flurries on stage, Günther Jauch in Mettwurst-colored neoprene and an Olympic champion as referee: On Saturday evening, the three TV veterans Jauch, Barbara Schöneberger and Thomas Gottschalk once again faced the challenges of the surprise bag show “Because they don’t know what happens”.

At the start of the new year, the theme was “Winter Games”. While Gottschalk was able to lean back as a spontaneous moderator, Jauch and Schöneberger each had a comrade-in-arms at their side.

Jauch cracked, balanced and puzzled in a team with moderator Janin Ullmann. To her great delight, Schöneberger was assigned actor Henning Baum as a partner.

From left: Günther Jauch, Janin Ullmann, Thomas Gottschalk, Barbara Schöneberger and Henning Baum.  The use of the program-related material is only permitted with reference to and linking to RTL+.

Janin Ullmann and Henning Baum were also involved.Image: RTL/ Stefan Gregorowius

Schöneberger puts Baum on the Pelle

Throughout the show, she never tired of teasing Baum, who appeared in a lumberjack shirt and tight jeans. She started her romance mode by pretending to grab the actor’s butt as he walked in front of her.

Janin Ullman (2nd from left) plays with Günther Jauch (left) in the

Barbara Schöneberger was happy about Henning Baum’s support.Image: RTL/ Stefan Gregorowius

When the 50-year-old instructed her in the first game “Ice Climbing” “Barbara, legs wide apart” it was of course a treat for the blonde. From now on she would like to watch this video excerpt every morning, she explained.

Baum did not respond to the advances played. Without batting an eyelid, he helped Schöneberger squeeze into a wetsuit before another game. And even when both were hanging on a wall in the final round and were forced to get closer and closer, the actor was unmoved.

Barbara Schöneberger at the game

Günther Jauch laughed off Schöneberger’s sayings.Image: RTL Stefan Gregorowius

Mean: After the game, for which Baum took off his shirt to fit into the wetsuit, Schöneberger commented: If you first see Henning Baum half naked and then turn the corner and meet Günther Jauch, it seems like a “reset button” on the brain. Jauch took the taunt with humor.

RTL “babbles” itself

In the course of the program it became clear: Schöneberger can not only tease and languish, she is also quite vigilant. When a clothes rail with five wetsuits was rolled into the studio shortly before the “ski jumping” game, she did not miss a small detail, as her face betrayed.

As the presenter searched for her outfit, she apparently read the tag attached to the fifth of the wetsuits. It was noted which celebrity guest should wear the suit. Ideally, this should have remained secret until his appearance.

Sven Hannawald demonstrates (from left) Günther Jauch, Henning Baum, Janin Ullmann, Barbara Schöneberger and moderator Thomas Gottschalk before the game "Ski Jumping"  the perfect posture.  T...

Sven Hannawald made a surprise appearance.Image: RTL/ Stefan Gregorowius

Because Schöneberger probably knew that, she didn’t say anything either. Only her surprised face showed that she knew exactly who was coming. After all, that was none other than Olympic champion Sven Hannawald.

The ex-ski jumper was supposed to judge the “ski jumps” of the four celebrities. Henning Baum had the best flight and the most elegant landing in the foam pool. The actor was rated 19.5 (out of 20) by Hannawald. Jauch still scored 19 points. “I didn’t expect such a high level,” explained Hannawald to the delight of the competitors.

A deserved victory

Incidentally, the Schöneberger-Baum team demonstrated the highest level overall over the course of the evening. After more than four hours, the actor and the presenter left the Cologne studio as winners. Not only did they win the most games (six out of seven), they also held up the longest in the final climbing wall quiz.

Barbara Schöneberger and Henning Baum win the final and earn 20,000 euros for their spectator block.  The use of the shipment-related material is only permitted with the reference and link ...

The two won the show.Image: RTL/ Stefan Gregorowius

Jauch and Ullmann’s revenge is not long in coming. Already on Sunday evening, the two will again compete against Schöneberger and Baum in the second part of the “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen” Winter Games.

In a few days, twelve celebrities will be back in the jungle camp. One of the more recognizable faces of this year’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! is designer and model Claudia Effenberg. The 57-year-old is also known to many viewers as a footballer’s wife: first she was married to Thomas Strunz and since 2004 to Stefan Effenberg.