“Because they don’t know what’s going to happen” – Winter Games: In the field of tension between humor, blandness and slipperiness

Henning Baum’s directives “Spread your legs!” and “Bend over!” for Barbara Schöneberger made one or the other viewer of the “Because they don’t know what’s happening” Winter Games wince. The fact that Thomas Gottschalk, who moderated it on Saturday evening, sometimes put it on slippery, surprised no one on this evening, which was still funny at times.

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Two “Jauch-Gottschalk-Schöneberger Shows” of four hours each on two consecutive days? RTL once again showed courage. In defense of the broadcaster: The double marathon with three initially completely clueless people enjoyed excellent ratings in spring 2022. Clueless, by the way, because Günther JauchThomas Gottschalk and Barbara Schöneberger still do not know at the beginning of an issue which of them has to moderate the choice.

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At least it was on Saturday night Thomas Gottschalk, who was the master of ceremonies and was able to spare himself the numerous games – above all the funny ski jumping, which might be a bit too demanding for older students. “Welcome to the first “Because they don’t know what’s happening” winter games, show factotum and program manager Thorsten Schorn teased the format at 8:15 p.m.

“Jauchiland” vs. “Babsiland”

“Carry out your office!” Günther Jauch ordered his first-name friend Gottschalk, who replied in his typical manner with “You should at least tell me the name of the show”. Jauch became presenter Janin Ullman that evening, Barbara Schoeneberger actor again Henning Baum for the fight of the teams “Jauchiland” versus “Babsiland” according to RTL.

Schöneberger was completely delighted with the choice of partner, Gottschalk less: “I always look good next to Günther, next to him less,” said one tall blonde about the other. Meanwhile, Ullman moaned about her red pants that were too tight, while Twitter asked how often Gottschalk would address them as “Janina” or “Jasmin” over the next four hours. It was again about 20,000 euros for one of the fan blocks in the stands.

“Spread your legs, Barbara!”

The first game was ice climbing. But it took a while until then. “Putting on your shoes takes a lot of time,” said Schöneberger, who apparently had previously noticed that the program could slowly get going after 20 minutes. In the game “Ice Climbing” the celebrities had to be the summiteers and climb up an ice wall faster than their opponents on their stomachs on a pillow and via rails. Then Jauch suddenly worried that you could laugh at his butt. “Nobody laughs at your butt, you don’t have one,” Gottschalk fooled Jauch and his butt problems.

Speaking of which: First, Schöneberger, whose butt RTL put in the picture during her climbing campaign, had to run against Ullman. “You could watch Barbara for hours,” Gottschalk commented on the view that apparently appealed to him, while Baum said to his playmate, “Spread your legs, Barbara!” cheered. So it got a bit dingy right from the first competition.

Schöneberger had to fight quite a bit against Ullman on the ice wall and was ultimately left behind. “I find the game too sexist,” Jauch commented on the events, in which it actually became more and more slippery. “Don’t worry, Günther. Nobody thinks about sex when you climb up there,” drove the Gottschalk again into the parade. Jauch had no chance against Baum when ice climbing. The first game went to team “Babsiland”.

Gottschalk is really cheap

First of all, the quality of the games didn’t get any less bad. For example, après-ski hits had to be sung to the end in the second hour. Jauch accused Schöneberger and Baum of a clear connection to Austria, i.e. clear advantages.

Schöneberger said that she would of course sing along to lines like “I want ten naked hairdressers with really damp hair” in some “aprés-ski” bar every week. “This game is worse than advertising,” someone then stated on Twitter, while some shame freer admitted to knowing all the lyrics of the ski hut hits intoned.

This round also went to Schöneberger and Baum. After that, glass panes had to be shot with ice hockey sticks and balls, and snowballs had to be placed in oversized shovels over a shaky seesaw.

“You have to bend down, Barbara,” Baum let go of the next failed sentence, while Schöneberger innocently tried to put her first ball in the shovel. In terms of level, Gottschalk had already set the bar extremely low for the actor: “Barbara starts with three balls”, he was really simple. It was now 4:0 for team “Babsiland”.

The enjoyable three quarters of an hour

45 really funny minutes followed. In the already traditional game “Dicke Lippe” it was again necessary to read terms from the lips of the usually yelling opponent. Jauch yelled at Ullman, who was wearing “Hear nothing” headphones. Both of them did an excellent job. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “bobble hat”, “baked apple”, “snowflake” or “kingfisher”: Ullmann always read the right words from Jauch’s extremely clear lips.

After that, it was Baum who had to articulate for Schöneberger. “Wintertag”, “Schneekanone” and “Waffeleisen” still worked really well, with the “Hüttengaudi”, which turned Schöneberger into a “Lutschenlauf”, the audience broke off for the first time. “You’re speaking so slurred!” the blonde chastised her blondie just before turning “espresso” into “millet plateau”. For the first time that evening, a game went to the “Jauchiland” team.

Ski jumping with Sven Hannawald

The next game, in which you had to show your attitude for a change, was also quite amusing. It had to be ski jumping. For this competition of the “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen” Winter Games, the candidates first had to put on a ski jumping suit.

Günther Jauch in the aerodynamic and air-permeable wine-red athlete’s costume already gave a lot. “You look like one of ABBA,” Schöneberger hit the nail on the head. After that, Sven Hannawald showed up, who explained the rules and then acted as judge. “It’s about beauty. It should look like a ski jump,” the bearded Olympic champion and world champion told the candidates.

On a pedestal, the typical approach crouch had to be taken for a few seconds and then jumped into a foam pool in an appealing ski jumping position. Of course, the ex-athlete also took on the role of the fore jumper.

The “ABBA” man’s exhilarating leap

Hannawald couldn’t help but laugh at Schöneberger’s first jump. The 48-year-old shone with a formidable crouch, but didn’t really dare to bring her head and upper body forward “in flight”. Means: She made a slanting candle in the foam pool. The gracious juror still pulled out the grade “17.5”. “Do I have to put my glasses on?” ABBA man Jauch wanted to know before he jumped. “No, we have so little start-up,” answered Hannawald, seemingly serious, before Jauch fell into the pool at a right angle.

Gottschalk, the other candidates, the people in the stands – there was probably no one in the studio who didn’t crumple when faced with the “flying posture” of the “ABBA member”. “Technically clean. Everything was closed, great!” Hannawald, who again operated with a completely serious expression, demonstrated humor again.

Out of pure pity, he gave Jauch the grade “19.5”. Probably the most beautiful jump of the evening was shown by Henning Baum, who also received the grade “20”. Because of a tie, a vulgar guess had to decide the moody game. The point went to Schöneberger and Baum.

Grumpy Jauch in the final

Against the background of the score of 6:1 for Schöneberger and Baum, the situation for Ullmann and Jauch in the well-known final game “Die Wand” was of course relatively uncomfortable from the start.

In the good old “Because they don’t know what’s happening” manner, the teams had to stand in a wall from which as many stones protruded as the opponents had scored points in the previous rounds. And of course answer knowledge questions. For each correct answer, a stone pushed out in the opponent’s wall, which of course made it increasingly difficult to find a foothold there.

After the second question, Gottschalk no longer knew whose turn it was from the two teams. Jauch, on the other hand, tended to be annoyed on the wall – the “Winter Games” probably lasted too long for him after the physically demanding ski jumps”. “What do we say? I don’t care!” he said to Ullmann several times after Gottschalk’s questions. “I know every answer they give. Everyone!” On the other hand, he was annoyed by the questions for Schöneberger and Henning.

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The celebrities and their physical contact

Note: Despite the “Winter Games” recorded in December, it was now well after midnight – and unfortunately there was no sign of celebrities falling out of walls. “I usually know everything in royal houses,” said an ironic yell in the face of a question from a field of knowledge that, with all due respect, has probably always passed his ass.

Speaking of which: the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” presenter hanging in the wall now hugged Ullmann, while Schönberger pressed his buttocks against his playmate Baum’s hip. The fact that things got really tight now had nothing to do with tension. Nevertheless, a little praise at this point: Compared to previous editions, the level of difficulty of the questions has now increased significantly.

It was then Jauch who fell first after Hennig answered a question correctly and three stones went out of the wall. Ullman’s body followed gravity just minutes later. So 20,000 euros went to the block of spectators behind the “Babsiland” team. As already mentioned: The second part of the seemingly endless “Winter Games” is already coming today, but it certainly has its moments.

Barbara Erlenbach

In the 3-million-euro week, “Who wants to be a millionaire?” (RTL) for possible huge profits. On Wednesday, however, the focus is on rather bizarre encounters between candidates and celebrities. Among other things, the audience learns what is particularly great about Thomas Gottschalk and what is to be considered about Bill Clinton.