Becker’s daughter talks about “Let’s Dance” participation and reveals great fear

Anna Ermakova is one of this year's stars at "let's dance".

Anna Ermakova is one of this year’s stars on “Let’s Dance”.Photo: Instagram/ Anna Ermakova


Imke Gerriets

Boris Becker in particular has dominated the headlines in recent weeks. After around seven and a half months he was released from prison and had to emigrate to Germany immediately. A few days later he gave Sat.1 an exclusive interview about his stay in prison. In the course of this he also spoke about the relationship with his children.

About Anna Ermakova he said: “I’ve never spoken to my daughter so often and regularly. It took a prison for us to get close. She also wanted to visit me, and I was shy and shy there too. We’ll catch up on that in freedom.”

It has since become known that Anna will be taking part in the RTL show “Let’s Dance” alongside other stars, which will be in its 16th season on February 17th. It remains to be seen whether the former tennis star will support her in the audience. Now the model spoke to the broadcaster for the first time about his participation.

Anna Ermakova explains what the show means to her

First of all, RTL said in the course of the unveiling that Anna Ermakova will also be among the dancing celebrities: “We look forward to this celebrity woman.” The Becker daughter was the last to be announced.

In an interview, she now said with a view to the successful show: “I always wanted to have the time and the opportunity to learn to dance in a professional way, and now that I’ve graduated, I feel it’s the right time.”

It was her dream to become a ballerina one day. “But I chose an academic path and studied instead”, she indicated. Nevertheless, Anna emphasized: “I have not lost my love for dance and therefore I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to devote myself fully to dance in the coming months.”

Anna Ermakova reveals a special fear

The “Let’s Dance” contestant also said: “I know the show will be challenging, but I’m looking forward to pushing my limits and meeting so many wonderful, talented people.” She revealed: “I’m afraid of dancing in front of an audience because I have stage fright. I’m also worried about my German.”

Anna just finished her studies in art history in London. She speaks fluent English, French and Russian. Having grown up in London, however, she did not also learn her father’s native language. She recently started doing this. She promised: “I will do my best.”

The 16th season of “Let’s Dance” will start on RTL on February 17th. The broadcaster announced the majority of the participants a few days ago. According to this, Jens “Knossi” Knossalla, ex-Bachelorette Sharon Battiste and Abdel Karim, among others, will dance.