Before and after comparison: This is how Cheyenne Ochsenknecht looks without sprayed lips

This story is strongly reminiscent of the public debacle surrounding Chiara Ohoven: a young girl has her lips injected, is publicly asked about it, invents flimsy excuses and, years later, stands by it. But this time it is not the daughter of the society lady Ute Ohoven, but Cheyenne Ochsenknecht.

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht has lip injections

Germany’s best-known celebrity family is currently being followed by cameras in everyday life for the reality show “Dies Ochsenknechts”. More or less well-kept secrets are also revealed, such as the thing with Cheyenne’s lips. After repeatedly protesting that she wouldn’t get her pout sprayed, she revealed on the show that she lied.

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Three years ago, RTL asked the Ochsenknecht subsidiary about its new appearance. At the time she explained: “I didn’t help. I’m sorry if you’re sick and have to take antibiotics that swell your lips or my face.” This excuse sounds at least more plausible than Chiara Ohoven’s justification. The celebrity daughter explained in the early 2000s that her new hair color made her lips look more voluminous. However, she later admitted that she got the pout with the help of fillers.

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht shows photo without lip filler

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht is now also more relaxed about her revealed beauty secret. In her Instagram story she even showed herself without filler. “By the way, these are my natural lips with nothing in them,” she captioned the photo.

Before and after comparison: This is what Cheyenne Ochsenknecht used to look like

But years of going to the beauty doctor seems to have taken its toll on the daughter of Uwe and Natascha Ochsenknecht. The lips still look very voluminous and sprayed on. A photo from the past provides a completely different picture. SThis is what Cheyenne Ochsenknecht looked like before her beauty treatment:

This is what the Ochsenknecht daughter looks like with sprayed lips:

Fans disappointed by Cheyenne Ochsenknecht’s beauty lie

On Instagram, some followers have already commented negatively on Cheyenne Ochsenknecht’s confession. Above all, the fact that she lied is apparently not taken very well. “How deceitful can you actually be? Denying all the time that you had your lips done and now like this. I’m so angry at myself for believing you. Just stupid of me,” writes a fan the comments.

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