Before disappearing, Adela Noriega rejected a marriage proposal from a Televisa heartthrob

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Mexico City.- The mystery and discretion in the private life of Adela Noriega It has been a constant during her career, since the last time she was publicly heard of was in 2008, when she was in the recordings of the telenovela Fire in the blood.

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However, from that moment on, the beloved telenovela actress from Televisa she moved away from the cameras and microphones of the media and today she has been captured very few times.

But what not everyone knows is that Fernando Carrillo was strongly in love with her and even tried to ask her marriage more than 20 years ago, after doing dumbbells in the 1997 telenovela Maria Isabel.

In an interview offered to blond flower in Spectacular Formulathe Venezuelan spoke of love for Adela: “I fell madly in love with Adela. She stole my heart.”

Carrillo reported that in 1998 he was going through a complicated moment in his personal life, and he saw in Adela a new opportunity to enjoy love, so he asked her to marry him.

I took your brother Alexander to Los Angeles, to Beverly Hills, to buy her an engagement ring. I was out of the loop with a high-profile divorce on the continent with my ex-wife and I saw Adela as the biggest nail that is going to pull out the smallest nail. And besides that she is a beautiful woman, and a beautiful, talented girl, “she said.

And he continued: “Believe me that my fear It was for him to say yes, because I was almost sure he was going to say no, so I thought that if he said yes, it was a message from God for me to settle down. He told me no and that’s it.”

During the talk made in 2018, the actor indicated that he leaves everything in God’s hands when asked if there could be a new story between them.

God’s timing is precise and perfect. I know that she is very well, that she is very happy, that she is very stable. She has always been very much like her family,” she said.

Carrillo is currently married to Maria Gabriella Rodriguezwith whom he has a son, while Noriega’s life remains a mystery.

Source: Radio Formula and El Universal