Before Fausto, Telemicro rode Raymond Pozo, Miguel Céspedes, Cheddy García and Manolo Ozuna

After the Mercedes Benz SUV that the president of Grupo de Medios Telemicro, Juan Ramon Gomez Diaz, gave the comedian Fausto Mata It was shown that the businessman enjoys seeing his stars “well mounted”, and that is that before “Boca de Piano”, Raymond Pozo, Migues Céspedes, Cheddy García and Manolo Ozuna they also received vehicles as employees of that television plant.

Raymond Pozo and Miguel Cespedes

After about a decade at Telemicro and a year trying their luck at Telesistema, Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes returned to their origins.

In 2007, Gómez Díaz received them with open arms and with a new mount.

At that time, Pozo told LISTÍN DIARIO: “The thing about the SUV is true (Land Cruiser 2007). But we don’t ask for it. If Gómez Díaz had called us without offering us the SUV, we would still have returned”.

cheddy garcia

In 2008, prior to entering Telemicro for the program “D’ Cheddy and Manolo”, Cheddy García was surprised by Gómez Díaz when he handed over the key to a golden Toyota Prado 2009, with which he stole glances while moving through the streets of Santo Domingo, because at that time not just any television figure could flaunt a similar vehicle.

Manolo Ozuna

Like “La Mamá del Humor”, with whom he would share the stage on channel 5, Manolo Ozuna won a blue Toyota Prado 2009 just for signing a contract to start the project of his life in “La casa de las oportunidades”.

“Both are happy with the offer that they couldn’t resist. A number of many zeros, a percentage of sales and, as if that were not enough, a 2009 jeep. Until now, both comedians had a contract with the company Programarte, which runs the programs “Pardone la Hora” and “9 x 9 Roberto “But a week ago they submitted their formal resignation,” he explained to this outlet at the time.