“Before, I was enjoying…”: Virginie Efira looks back on a traumatic memory of the Cannes Film Festival 2021!

Virginie Efira is the kind of person to eat life to the fullest. She does not miss a single opportunity to show her joie de vivre on social networks. The one who lives in a free relationship with Niels Schneider is therefore not the type to get upset for anything. In addition to going out a lot, this exceptional actress also enjoys every moment she spends on the set. A philosophy from which she nevertheless departed last year when she was at the Cannes Film Festival. A situation that she describes as being the worst memory she had of this ceremony.

When maturity comes with age

Virginie Efira had realized the seriousness of what was happening while sitting on her balcony with her room service. The actress was indeed reading when she was supposed to go out and have fun. Which had made him realize that she was calming down as time went on. What arouse a lot of reactions within his community who got wind of this interview carried out by our colleagues from France Sunday.

Putting pressure on yourself is not the kind of Virginie Efira. However, during this famous evening, she had to write her speech for the next day. His idea being to find the right words to say that the Cannes festival was not simply this glamorous event that the fans appreciated. A simple speech that certainly touched the audience.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/253168-avant-je-profitais-virginie-efira-revient-sur-un-mauvais-souvenir-lors-du-festival-de-cannes-2021