Before the death of Manuel Ojeda, Maribel Guardia recalled the time she confessed that she was in love with him in ‘Misión SOS’ | Famous

Maribel Guardia recalled the time she confessed her love to Manuel Ojeda

In August 2004, the actors debuted as part of the adult cast in the children’s telenovela ‘Mision SOS’, starring Alisson Lozz and Diego Boneta in the roles of Diana and Christian, respectively.

Maribel Guardia played Ximena Lozano, Diana’s mother, while Manuel Ojeda played Mr. Severiano, Christian’s grumpy grandfather and one of the melodrama’s antagonists.

The actress explained to the program ‘First Hand’, on August 11, 2022, that in this telenovela she confessed her love to Manuel Ojeda, who was 63 years old at the time (he turned 64 halfway through filming).

“I told him ‘I was always in love with you’, because I really saw him on TV and said ‘What a divine man’. I loved that great Mexican guy he had, the distinction, the class…”

These were not the only compliments that Guardia dedicated to the actor from Baja California Sur, whose death left her with “a broken heart.”

“He was an irreproachable, incredible man, a gentleman. A cultured man, so distinguished, such a good person”.

“In the soap opera we were together, we traded books because he loved to read. I also love to read. They were always pleasant talks.”

Like many of Manuel Ojeda’s colleagues, Maribel Guardia mourned his death.

“There he is in the sky, he got ahead of us on the road. One day we will all be together there”, she expressed. However, he stressed that his legacy will remain alive in this world and in his heart.

“When there are memories as beautiful as the ones he leaves behind. All the wonderful performances that he gave us and the incredible human being that he was, well that’s what stays here ”he expressed while pointing to his heart.

He also commented that now that Manuel Ojeda enters heaven, he will do so through the VIP door.