behind the scenes of their crazy “terrible” meeting

One glass is fine, three glasses hello the damage! After their casting to integrate “Household Scenes”, Frédéric Bouraly and Valérie Karsenti celebrated at the restaurant. And the couple from M6’s flagship comic series came out of it in poor condition…

Not far from fifteen years after its launch on the small screen, the comic series of M6, Scenes of households, still met with the same audience success. And most of the founding couples of the program are still there (but there are no homosexual couples despite the various recent arrivals). This is particularly the case of José and Liliane, the flagship duo of fiftieth anniversary of the soap opera embodied by Frédéric Bouraly and Valérie Karsenti.

The meeting of Frédéric Bouraly and Valérie Karsenti during the casting of Scenes of households

Invited to Sud Radio by Jacques Pessis on his show The keys of a life last January 31, Frédéric Bouraly has agreed to return, with tenderness, to the day he met for the first time the one who later became his playmate and his wife on screen: Valérie Karsenti. And the one currently on stage in Michele Riml’s play Hail Cesar alongside another actress well known to viewers, Christelle Reboul, therefore recounted their first meeting during the casting of Scenes of households. And if he had been chosen almost immediately by the production, this was not the case for the interpreter of Liliane.

The actor has indeed explained that the teams had searched for long weeks the rare pearl. “Each time I came home and said to my wife: ‘this time, it’s her’. And there are quite a few women, seven, eight actresses, some of whom are very well known, for whom I would come in and say ‘no, but that’s her, she’s great'”he first detailed. “And one day Valérie Karsenti arrives”he continued.

Before returning to a thunderbolt: You know it’s like in love, it’s like an artistic tilt. It’s inexplicable. We still remember it with Valérie, it’s been 15 years. We are very good friends, we go on vacation together with her husband (François Feroleto) and her children (Léon born in 2002 and Chaïm born in 2006). We are very very close. It’s artistic alchemy, you know”.

A drunken evening: the flagship couple of Scenes of households abuses alcohol

A very strong bond was then woven between the 54-year-old actress and Frédéric Bouraly. And it’s up to him to tell about their first attempt as a couple: “I remember very well, we both passed the tests, we left the tests around 13-14 hours and we say to ourselves ‘Come on, we’re going to water this.’ If we are not taken, it does not matter, we will have met and it is great and then if we are taken, champagne!'”, he continues. Before entrusting: I remember we went to the restaurant, we weren’t very reasonable. We left the restaurant torched, it was terrible. Glad to have met. I was on a scooter at the time, which wasn’t very smart, frankly, it wasn’t smart… Anyway, I came back alive”.

However, the two accomplices waited a few months before seeing each other again. Indeed, according to the actor, the production of the program took a few months before deciding: “They took four to five months before saying yes. Not that they hadn’t chosen but because it was going up the chain, they had to be sure of the couples in question, compared to other couples”. In the end, all’s well that ends well for Frédéric Bouraly and Valérie Karsenti. To the delight of viewers!