Beijing Express 2022: Big news, release date… What you need to know!

Beijing Express will finally be back soon for the 2022 edition. 8 pairs in competition had only one thing in mind, to succeed Claire and Christophe from last season. M6 organized the program’s press conference on January 6, an opportunity to learn more about the season.

For Beijing Express 2022, the production bet on a completely new path. That’s all first in Kyrgyzstan, in Central Asia, that Stéphane Rotenberg and the pairs have put down their suitcases. A destination that the team had dreamed of doing since season 3, as Stéphane Rotenberg explained. And candidates like them were not disappointed since they were immediately seduced by the spectacular landscapes that nature offered them. The participants still in competition then had the chance to put down their suitcases Uzbekistan then in Jordan. Finally, it’s in Dubai that the grand final took place, where the candidates for the 2021 edition were to arrive. But the itinerary had been changed due to the pandemic. To choose this route, the production chose a link: that of hunting the golden eagle. “This road will really mark the history of the program I think because it is crazy. (…) And we are going to go from surprise to surprise“, entrusted the presenter of 54 years.

The novelties of Beijing Express 2022

In addition to the new itinerary, two other novelties mark this edition of Beijing Express. For the first time, viewers will experience a grandfather/grandson duo with Jean-Claude and Axel. The latter, aged 18, had dreamed of participating in the show for a long time. Once of age, he proposed to his grandfather to follow him and all of them passed the casting (which included 90,000 applications). “We are very proud to have achieved this this year.“, confided the producer Thierry Guillaume. It is indeed not the first time that a duo like this has presented itself. But it had never been done, because of the medical examinations which have never been conclusive.

Another novelty, the Express Pass rule. It can upset the race because, by using it, the pair holding it can escape the final duel (if he did not finish last) and therefore, to a potential elimination. Better to win it, especially since there was only one in play. And it was valid until the end of stage 7.

Rules depending on the country

The classic “prohibited cars” or “black flag” will once again be provided. And like last year, the team of Beijing Express had to adapt because of the health crisis. At each stage, production was based on the local rules in force. In Kyrgyzstan, for example, a country with very little impact, the locals did not put on masks. The rules were therefore lighter. On the other hand, in Dubai, “extremely strict sanitary standards“. Masks were therefore essential. For its part, the team set up a “beefy device“. For evenings at locals, for example, the candidates had to find rooms where they would be alone or which were airy. Fortunately, no case of Covid has been reported.

Once the episode of Beijing Expresss broadcast, M6 viewers will discover Alternative route. And this year it’s the cult couple Julie and Denis (winners of the 2020 edition) who have been chosen to follow the same course as the candidates, but with fewer constraints. This promises other cult moments, because we know the strong character of the two participants. And big news this year: the Deluxe mission. If they win it, they have the opportunity to earn a bonus during each stage.

Tibo InShape and his girlfriend Juju Fitcats were also lucky enough to be part of the program. On the other hand, they will be neither in publishing nor in Dual itinerarys. It is for a format on social networks that we will find the sports couple who are a hit on YouTube.