Beijing Express back on M6: this new rule that makes people talk

Last summer, M6 viewers enjoyed from the celebrity version of Beijing Express, baptized Power duos. Now we know more about season 17 of the show, which will air soon, at a date still unknown. The television channel organized a press conference this Friday, January 20, at which Pure-Media, notably, has assisted. As our colleagues reveal, the program will undergo some changes, who go for sure hustle the candidates.

Indeed, when a pair of participants will arrive last during a stage, it will not be up to him to choose the person who will try to save his skin during an ultimate duel, but to all the teams. Season 17 of Beijing Express will be baptized The Secret Choice, and for good reason. The pairs will give their opinion, without it being shared in the eyes of all. The show’s producer, Thierry Guillaume, was amused by this change, assuring that “this new rule will bring a dose of strategy and alliance”. And this will not be the only novelty of the game since Stéphane Rotenberg, emblematic animator of Beijing Express, may, at his discretion, use a “hell roulette” which will allow him to make the race a little more difficult candidates.

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South America as the continent explored this year

Our colleagues from 20 minutes specify that the presenter can therefore impose on the pairs of “hitchhiking in silence” or even of “express oneself only by singing”. This should put the pressure on the participants and please the fans. This season 17 of Beijing Express will take place in Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil with a scheduled start on the shores of Lake Titicaca and a finish line placed in Rio de Janeiro. Eight duos will be among the candidates, selected from 40,000 volunteers. So there will be a director and his employee, cousins ​​from Narbonne and sisters with a complex relationship, among others.

Article written with the collaboration of 6Medias