Belinda admits she has an eating disorder

The 32-year-old singer spoke openly about how she lives with this condition and even explained her eating habits.

With great courage, Belinda recently confessed that she suffers from a rare eating disorder. The 32-year-old singer decided to share her testimony to raise awareness about this condition.

It is about an eating disorder popularly called “bad pork”. The interpreter of “Light without gravity” explained to Vanity Fair that after eating she feels the need to lie down and sleep.

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The feeling of tiredness is a constant every time you eat your food. Scientifically this condition is called “postprandial alkaline tide” and consists of a kind of lethargy of the body after consuming food.

About what Belinda experiences, she said “after eating, I feel like going to sleep. I’m already with the last part of the dessert and I say: ‘Oh, can we take a little nap?’ But no! It’s when you have to make the most of it, so another chocolate coffee directly”.

Interestingly this does not spoil your appetite. In fact, she assured that she eats what she wants without repressing herself and is not subject to any diet or diet.

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“I like everything, I don’t have diets. I think the important thing is to be active during the day because that’s how you burn calories. Obviously I try to take care of myself and eat ‘healthy’, but I don’t really have a diet,” he assured.

The pretty blonde also boasted that her metabolism works so well that she usually gets up at dawn to eat when she can’t sleep.

“They say, and I think it’s true, that the later you dine, the fatter you get, and that’s when I get hungrier. At 2 in the morning, I get hungry like I go to the fridge to see what’s there,” he said.