Belinda after her break with Nodal

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- On February 13, 2022, Belinda and Christian Nodal They surprised their fans after announcing the final break in their courtship, all this despite the fact that the regional music singer gave her an engagement ring and they had plans to get married.

Since the end of the romance was announced, the singer had made some comments through her social networks, however, at no time did she refer to the situation as such.

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Recently, in an interview with Universal, Belinda spoke for the first time with more details about her breakup with Christian Nodal, revealing that “her life has completely changed” and that she feels renewed.

“A renewed Belinda is coming because I have always liked to renew myself and learn from each step I have taken. I completely changed my life”, declared the singer and actress to the Mexican newspaper.

The artist’s statements come at the time she returns to acting with the series “Welcome to Edén”, which she signed in Spain and for which the interpreter of “Adiós amor” moved with her to that country while they were boyfriends.

“I had not been in a project because it is not the quantity that you do, but the quality; I have always said that it is not doing for the sake of doing, if I said yes to everything that comes into my life, perhaps I would not enjoy it so much, and for me it is about the quality of the project, and when things arrive it is because they have to arrive ” , he mentioned.

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He will live in Spain for a while

While this project is being carried out, the singer will be living for a while in the country where she is from.

To culminate with the interview, Belinda confessed to “being very transparent” and pointed out that when it is wrong it is something that is noticeable, so she decided to stay away from the public eye.

But despite everything that arose after the break with Christian Nodal, the actress and singer remains positive and mentions: “well, calm down, good face in bad weather.”

“Now I live here and for at least this whole year I will be in Spain; so I am super grateful with this new stage growing and evolving ”, she advanced.