Belinda chooses this hairstyle and haircut to make her cheeks disappear

Belinda She is one of the artists who does not fail us to be always up to date with trends and the style of the moment. His wardrobe is youthful and jovial, flirtatious and very chic, which he also knows how to choose with taste and skill to highlight his figure and highlight his incredible beauty.

Sophisticated and feminine, her look is one of those that we take as inspiration for a touch that is always at the forefront, versatile and fun, which we find reflected in her work, like her music, but also in her person, be it her clothes, her makeup or her hair.

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In a recent post on his account Instagram, the beautiful singer and actress appears showing off her beautiful face like never before, stylizing her features thanks to an excellent choice of makeup, haircut And of course, let’s not forget the photography work, from the angle to the lighting, which in this case, makes your features look finer.

The beautiful singer and princess of pop wears a jacket with a multicolor print and makeup in shades of pink, very ad hoc with the freshness of spring, highlighting her blue eyes with mascara, pale pink shadows and blush and light pink lips.

The key hairstyle consists of loose hair parted in the middle, which not only allows its natural waves to give it a very natural look, but also the dark roots that lighten towards blonde as it progresses towards the ends, brighten up your face.

The line in the middle It also gives a correct symmetry and it is that this style of combing the hair favors those with long facessince, in general, it precisely elongates any face, which is what is happening here in this Belinda look.

The line in the middle, we must not forget, too releases the forehead and makes the jaw look sharpercausing us to look more at the singer’s cheekbones, sharpening the rest of her features.

Belinda’s haircuts have become synonymous with style because she knows how to take advantage of the texture of her hair, but also because she knows how to frame her face. A fringe would take us directly to her eyes and a medium cut to the jaw, directly to her lips, while a midi cut like the one we see on this occasion, brings us to focus on the middle part of her face.

As always, Belinda reinvents herself and knows what works for her style. Just like her, the key is to find the best cuts and hairstyles according to the texture and length of our hair, but also from the shape of your face. In this case, Belinda exemplifies how to do it correctly, like quite an expert.