Belinda exudes elegance when promoting a prestigious fashion brand

Belinda exudes elegance when promoting prestigious fashion brand. A few hours before it was celebrated on December 28, known for being the Day of the Innocent Saints, where crazy jokes are usually made, Belinda managed to take several headlines from the Mexican press.

Some said that after months, Belinda and Christian Nodal had finally resumed their romance and that they had even traveled to the beach, it was also said that she would work alongside Danna Paola, however, in the end all the notes made it clear that it was just a joke for him Day of the Holy Innocents.

What is true is that in the recent Instagram stories shared by the youth star, Belinda is seen posing with a silver handbag from the prestigious English firm Kurt Geiser.

In the image the star appears with a kind of silk robe with a print of angels and different structures, which also give it an elegant touch and which stands out for having striking tones such as lemon green, turquoise, gold and pink.

Although Belinda is characterized by showing off her face with makeup in nude tones, since she likes show off your natural beautyon this occasion the 33 year old actress He painted his lips brown, while his cheeks show a copper blush and his perfectly outlined eyebrows.

The Spanish star added a success this 2022 by becoming the image of the prestigious fashion brand Kurt Geiserwhich has a wide catalog of accessories that include beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, extravagant bags and even footwear, which are promoted on the store’s website Iron Palace.


Belinda is the face of several brands

In recent weeks, she recalled that since 2021 she has been the ambassador of the Spanish brand of TOUS jewelry and who currently continues to promote it. Since then, the singer and actress took the opportunity to launch her own line of jewelry in collaboration with the company.

In addition, weeks ago he confirmed that it would be the face of Tequila Don Ramón in its platinum version, which is why the advertising slogan is called “Always Brilliant”.

The prestigious brand reported that it chose Belinda because she is a self-confident woman, especially when it comes to expressing her feelings. The singer-actress also pulled Shein’s own clothing collection on her, so she showcased her taste for streetwear and retro fashion.

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