Belinda has already forgotten Christian Nodal: the singer’s new boyfriend is a young millionaire heir to some well-known stores in the Aztec country | People | Entertainment

Belinda finally shows that she is over Christian Nodal and confirms that she already has a new love. The actress and singer is dating a young businessman from one of the wealthiest families in Mexico.

Since September of last year, rumors of a possible romance between the artist and the young millionaire began after they were seen in Mexico City. However, the superstar has never confirmed it and until now no more was known about the new conquest of the 33-year-old singer.

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Belinda has a new boyfriend and he is a young millionaire

The businesswoman also offered a concert in a club in Polanco, where after singing her hits, she lived with a group of friends and among them was Gonzalo Hevia, whom Belinda introduced as her boyfriend, wrote Soy Carmín.

“Beli” made their relationship among their friends official, according to a source close to the singer told the TV Azteca program, “Venga la Alegría.” The artist also took advantage of the sharing and enjoyment among her colleagues to kiss her new love.

In turn, the source assured that the businessman asked the press who was in the nightclub to delete the photos that they took of him and the singer to avoid speculation.

On the other hand, Belinda met the businessman at the inauguration of the new branch of the Palacio de Hierro supermarket in Mexico City. The chain belongs to her grandparents, Tere and Alberto Bailléres, two of the most millionaires in the entire Aztec country.

The Bailléres family is also part of Grupo Bal, a group of companies that also include Palacio de Hierro, Casa de Bolsa de Valores Mexicanos and GNP Seguros.

Don Alberto passed away in February of last year, he was an economist and most of his children and grandchildren leaned into this area, but Gonzalo took a different path and is dedicated to Information Technology.

Belinda’s new love is CEO and founder of Lok, a company that provides consulting in this area and previously worked at Insite, a company that works with artificial intelligence.

The most surprising thing about his curriculum is his studies. The businessman graduated from the Le Rosey Institute, in Geneva, Switzerland, one of the most expensive in the world, where the tuition alone oscillates at 26.60 million dollars.

Although Belinda has already introduced Gonzalo as her boyfriend to her friends, she has not yet made the official announcement on her social networks or on his. In addition, there is still no evidence to confirm the new romance between the singer of “The school girl” and the businessman. (AND)

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