Belinda in depression? The unusual photo that puts his followers on alert

For many, this image could confirm that the interpreter of “Light without gravity” suffers from depressive problems after her breakup with Christian Nodal.

Belinda has raised the alerts of her more than 15 million followers on Instagram where she published a photograph that is nothing close to those she normally shares on the social network and where she always looks radiant and with a look of envy.

This time, Christian Nodal’s ex published a photo in her stories in which she looks sad, lying on a bed and without a drop of makeup.

For many, this postcard would prove that the interpreter of “El baile de sapito” is in depression. Others of her followers came out in her defense by pointing out that it is a normal photograph that only reflects how tired she must be by the recordings of the second season of the series “Welcome to Eden, from Netflix, in which she participates.

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In a statement, the Mexican journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante said that after the breakup, Belinodal, the singer effectively entered a depressive state.

And it is that after the separation, the Mexican singer had remained somewhat away from public life, for several days she had little activity on her social networks.

One of the few publications he made after Nodal made the separation official was to clarify that he would take legal action against those who defamed her.

In mid-February, the “Love at First Sight” singer added that she felt affected by the destructive criticism against her for having broken up with Christian Nodal.

“I have decided to take all the necessary actions to demand -including by legal means- the respect with which all women deserve to be treated,” she sentenced.