Belinda introduces her new love and is touched

After her personal life has been under the spotlight for a long time, the Princess of Latin Pop, Belinda introduced her new love, and confessed to feeling very happy about it. It was through her social networks that the interpreter of Love at First Sight surprised with the new owner of her fortnightly.

And it is that, after going on tour throughout the country with different projects, among which are the special invitation that they made to him in the 2000 Pop Tour in Tijuana and Monterrey, as well as private presentations and other events; Belinda He is back at home with his new great love.

It is about a beautiful white and furry kitten that Beli named Glen, in honor of the son of the diabolical Chucky doll and his girlfriend Tiffany, since it is well known that the interpreter of toad Y Light without gravity He is a super fan of the movies and the character.

“Welcome to the Glen Family, thank you for existing. It’s the first time I have a kitten and I don’t know much about how they behave. I have always been one of dogs, but I fell in love with this baby since I saw him ”, Beli boasted.

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Likewise, Belinda confessed that she knows little about cats, since it is the first time she has adopted one, since she has always liked dogs. In fact, she has about four puppies, which she adore, one of them is Cuatro, the one she adopted along with Christian Nodal when they began their relationship, hence their name “Cuatro”, which is the date they got engaged.

Belinda introduces her new love and is touched. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

“If someone can write me more about the behavior of cats and how to be the best mom for him, it would make me very happy. Although sometimes I want to squeeze and hug him all the time. I have noticed that Los Gatos are more independent and that gives me more anxiety. Tell me, do you have kittens?

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Through her stories, the soap opera actress as well Friends forever Y Adventures in Timeas well as the Netflix series, welcome to edenHe shared a few moments with his new baby and is even already making him integrate with his new little brothers, the puppies.

Belinda introduces her new love and is touched. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Though Belinda She is learning to be a mother to a kitten, she will surely become the best, because it is well known that she loves animals and is the sweetest person to take care of them.

“Adopt me, I can also be Glen’s flea”, “Elvira from looney tunes with the kittens”, “You don’t know how much I want to be that cat”, “I would like to be your cat too”, “He is as cute as you”, “How much beauty Beli”, were some of the comments they wrote to her.

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