Belinda introduces us to the series ‘Welcome to Eden’ singing

    ”Africa is a fun girl, without mincing words and who always says what she thinks. But it is unknown if she is good or bad, because she is capable of doing anything as long as she doesn’t lose her power.” With these words she introduces us Belinda (Madrid, 1989), the Mexican singer who was born in Spain, to her character in ‘Welcome to Eden’, the new Netflix series, which smells like a smash hit even though it came out of the oven right now. The reason may be that the story is nothing we’ve seen recently.

    A group of young people with family problems, uncertain futures and insecurities are contacted to spend the best night of their lives, under the ‘influencer’ claim of presenting a new spirit drink. What they don’t know is that they end up trapped on a desert island. “I like the originality of the proposal in this project,” the actress tells us. She was tired of reading the same scripts, plots, and roles. ‘Welcome to Eden’ is fresh air. Of course, you have to be very aware of every detail, there are many hidden messages, because it is a crossword that you have to decipher to understand the ending. My character also seems like an unattainable diva but she is not. She has many problems. She has put many things of me, of Beli ”.

    For example, humor, the singer confesses to us while caressing her puppy Cuatro, a small chihuahua: ”Africa lightens the intensity of the series. He acts as if he doesn’t care about anything that happens around him. Are they killing someone? Voucher. Drop a bomb? It doesn’t matter to him. I had a lot of fun adding a touch of humor to the character. When I read the script I thought: ‘she’s a bit rude, unpleasant, a diva… But she wanted to give her that moment of laughter’ ‘.

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    Belinda’s participation in ‘Welcome to Eden’ (which we have already criticized) has also had personal consequences for the actress: she has decided to move to Spain. Although she used to come to our country a lot to be with her grandmother, now she wants to spend a long time in our country and be part of national projects. ”The acting level of Spain is incredible. They are very talented and I love being able to be part of this channel, because in Latin America it is another frequency,” she says.

    The series has coincided with Amaia Salamanca, Amaia Aberasturi, Sergio Momo, Ana Mena, Tomás Aguilera… ”We have all gotten along super well. Just Tommy, for example, is a very cute boy. With Amaya too, that he is a wonderful actress and I saw it in his movie ‘Akelarre’. We form a great family. In the end it has been many months of recording together, shooting at night until seven or eight in the morning on the beach”.


    Luis Carcamo

    Of course, we couldn’t close our conversation with her without asking her about her music, the most frequently asked question by fans. At the moment there is no album in sight, but he has created the title song of ‘Welcome to Eden’ and a single composed especially for the series which appears in the first chapter. On the other hand, she plans to release songs: ” I’m in the studio composing a lot. Soon I am going to do it with Ana Mena, which is something that makes me very excited. There you have the ‘Test of the Songs’ with Belinda.

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