Belinda is criticized for kissing two women on stage

Everything happened on stage during his show at the “Pride” in Spain. Followers accuse her of being desperate for attention and revive her career.

It seems that Belinda is exchanging one scandal for another. Well, since her famous separation with her ex-fiancé Christian Nodal, the media have not taken their eyes off him. And now, after offering a controversial presentation, he continues under the magnifying glass and media scrutiny.

A video circulates on the web of the presentation he gave at the “Pride” of Madrid, Spain. In which a detail emerged that has left half the world open-mouthed and has generated mixed reactions.

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Photo: Grosby Group

The singer is at full speed promoting her musical production and for said presentation she saw fit to include “a couple of kisses” in the style of Madonna and Britney.

During her performance, the interpreter of “At 12”, kissed Lola Rodríguez, who acts with her in the Netflix series “Welcome to Edén” and with the drag queen of the reality show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, Valentina.

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Followers accuse her of being desperate for attention and reviving her career. And they even claim that she passed her hand with one of them. They considered the show in very bad taste.

“How sad what they have to do to be in trend and attract attention. Those are already desperate measures. There she does not faint on stage ha ha ha everything is a show”, “The reliable old woman when she is turned off and wants to be a topic”, “Copy Madonna and Britney”, and “Artists: Nobody pays attention to me, what do I do? – Advisor: Well, kiss whoever is on the stage. #Clavesdeexito ha, ha, ha”, were some of the sharp comments left by Internet users.