Belinda responds to the attacks she receives on social networks | Famous

At the beginning of April, the interpreter of “Bella treason” revealed that, due to mental health, she decided to stay away from Instagram and let her work team manage her account.

Now, in a conversation with Mónica Noguera, Belinda shared that her decision not to check social networks has made her feel very good, so it is something that she recommends everyone to do.

“I felt very good because [alejarse de las redes sociales] it’s healthy; not only for me, but for everyone. I recommend it, it’s not that you leave forever, but you are relaxed for a while, focused on other things, loving you, getting to know you better, because we never finish getting to know each other, and in the end it gives you a lot of peace, a lot of tranquility, “he explained.

The 32-year-old actress also spoke out about the fact that society harshly judges women who do not meet the “stereotypical expectations” that are required of them.

“How they judge without knowing, how they attack… it’s something very unfortunate, it’s painful and I think that today more than ever we have to be united, value each other, give each other that courage and raise our voices,” she commented.

Belinda is not “made of stone” and she also gets upset

Recalling the attacks she has suffered due to her decisions about her life, Belinda indicated that she considers it important that people do not cross the line of respect when they talk about others.

“Respect is the most important thing, I can’t judge someone if I don’t know them. If I don’t know you, I can’t judge you for how you look, or how you’re dressed, or how you’re wearing makeup, you have to respect it, “explained the singer.

“We have to respect each other among human beings, there are codes of loyalty, of respect, of how to talk to the other person so as not to hurt feelings,” he added.

“Of course I get angry, of course I have character […] I am a warrior when I have to be a warrior, but I am also very sensitive, I am also a woman with a heart, I have feelings, I am not made of stone, I have a heart on the surface and I am just as human as anyone, “he said.

Belinda has already learned not to share everything on social networks

Although, ironically, Belinda plays a social media-addicted influencer in the Netflix series ‘Welcome to Eden’, she has already learned that she should not share everything about her life with the world.

“She is an influencer, Belinda is not, she has a more sensitive touch. I am much more shy in some ways in many things, and yes, of course I have learned a lot from sharing information on networks, I know that you do not have to share everything, you have to have something for yourself, for your privacy, for your peace of mind, ” commented in an interview with Reforma.

Precisely the fact that ‘Africa’, as her character is called, is so different from her is what Belinda considers funny, but she insists that “not everything should be shared” on social networks.