Belinda returns to acting with the series “Welcome to Eden”

Netflix premieres Welcome to Eden on May 6, a series created and written by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López. Fiction follows a group of young people very active in social networks who are invited to an exclusive party on an island.

The tyranny of the image on the Internet or the search for happiness are some of the issues dealt with in this production, which includes Amaia Aberasturi, Belinda, Amaia Salamanca, Lola Rodríguez, Sergio Momo, Begoña Vargas, Ana Mena and Berta Vázquez in its cast. .

“My character, Africa, has it all. She has money, fame, she’s a powerful woman who has what she wants, but he is not happy. That is going to open the eyes of many people, who will see from the series that not everything that is said on social networks is real”, explains Belinda in an interview with “Not everything that glitters is gold in social networks. We are going to make all young people think, to do a little introspection and to realize that life is not through the networks, it is here and now, “adds the also singer.

Ana Mena coincides with Belinda, who gives life to Judit. “Social media offers not always healthy temptations all the time,” she laments. “It affects us fatally, the young generations have it difficult. We have to do a very heavy job of loving each other very much and loving each other well,” clarifies Diego Garisa, Ibón in fiction.

“I can’t imagine being teenager with TikTok, a constant reference of how to look in front of the camera, of how to dress. Teenagers are very impressionable and always have been, but before with the media that existed, the magazines and the series, there was something of a distance”, explains Sergio Momo, who plays Nico.


Beyond the criticism of social networks, the series offers, in the words of Amaia Salamanca, “mystery, thriller, surprises, romance, diversity and all kinds of sexual orientations”. “It’s very fast-paced, things don’t stop happening,” adds the actress, who gets into Astrid’s skin.

Precisely this diversity is one of the points that Momo highlights. “If you want to reflect society, you have to represent it. You have to have certain characters. I am particularly proud of this project because It’s the most diverse project I’ve ever been on. I think that one of the medals that the series hangs is that we have these characters, we have diversity, but the story is not about that, it is not about their differences,” he stresses.

“It is the reality that surrounds us and representing it in the cast is something fundamental and natural,” says Amaia Aberasturi, who plays Zoa.

“In the series there is everything: a paradise, lots of action, lots of intrigue weird people, fantasy party, romance, fights, people of all kinds. All the ingredients”, summarizes the actress Lola Rodríguez, whose role is that of Maika.

Tomy Aguilera, Guillermo Pfening, Albert Baró, Dariam Coco, Berta Castañé and Marina Campos complete the cast of Welcome to Eden. Daniel Benmayor and Menna Fité direct the fiction, produced by Brutal Media.